flumpool talk about new milestones and new album ‘EGG’


For flumpool, their third studio album EGG is a big milestone for them; bigger than anything us as fans could ever imagine. As artists, as musicians, there is a sentimentality attached to the notion of full artistic control, which is what EGG was for them. Repeatedly, not only during the interview but also when speaking at the concert to their adoring fans, the guys reinforced the significance of this album.

“With EGG its like an album we feel the four of us completed by ourselves. Because of course for the previous albums we worked on we created them ourselves but at the same time we worked closely with producers. This one we feel more that we worked just by ourselves.”

Rather than selecting one particular song which they felt was most memorable in the creation process of this album, the boys agreed that the production process of the entire album itself was equally memorable.

As for the concept behind the album EGG, when I queried about this, lead vocalist Ryuta Yamamura cheekily quipped “the reason I said before” as the band had previously been asked this question, before answering seriously:

“We came up with the title EGG because EGG is something that different people looking at it would have different views; as some people might see it as a symbol of life or hope; others might see it as something be trapped in something uncomfortable. We wanted it to have a simple title like EGG so that people could have different perspectives or feedback after listening to our music.”

So it’s clear that despite the simplicity of the name, a complex story lay behind its conception. But I think that’s the beauty of flumpool’s ideas; if you wanted them to sum it up in a sentence, it is something they can do with ease, but once prompted to elaborate, have a story behind each principle that is worth digging for. Guitarist Kazuki Sakai’s input on how he finds inspiration for songwriting is one such example:

“No inspiration. Maybe it’s more like intuition rather than inspiration. I mainly write the music, and have been listening to different kinds of music so been kind of reaching out to diff genres that I did not listen to before. For example, recently I’ve been writing country songs, so by listening to new kinds of music I do get inspired.”


As a band, I believe it to be their incredible chemistry that has allowed them to stick together for well over a decade. For anyone who watches them live, you’ll see exactly what I mean. The band touted their first live concert at the Budokan as well as a special outdoor concert last year in Osaka as some of their most memorable experiences as a band.

“Last summer we did a concert in Osaka which is our hometown and it was a concert called ‘Four Roots’ and it was the first outdoor solo live for us. And it is a park that is usually not open for concerts, however because it’s our hometown, the city allowed us to use the park. And we had a lot of fun with over 10,000 fans.”

Some of their newer, C-Pop loving fans (such as myself) may also know flumpool from their recent affiliations and numerous collaborations with Taiwanese superband Mayday. We asked the boys to spill the dirt on what it was like collaborating with them.

“It was interesting to see the two sides of Mayday; when they do music, they’re really serious but offstage and when they’re not doing music, they’re really playful and fun. We really enjoyed seeing different sides of mayday.”

And another hot favourite of the band was English rock band Coldplay, who the flumpool boys adore and would like to work with if given the chance in the future.

“Coldplay. Because Ryuta saw a concert of Coldplay in Berlin recently and was really moved, so if they could, they would definitely like to.”

And it seems that the band has an affiliation with Australia too, with lead singer Ryuta revealing that he had stayed in Adelaide with a homestay family for a month when he was still in his teens! The band still remember his trip fondly, and said that Ryuta came back and gained a lot of weight while he was gone!

“I had a very nice host family, the host family was very kind, and it was a family of six. They took me to many places and I am very thankful for their kindness. It was a very ‘big’ family, including the dog!”

Enticed by my stories of great food and sceneries, the boys all urge their Australian fans to come forth and unite!

“We wanna do a concert in Australia, so please send messages to invite us!”

You heard the guys. All stations go!