KO Series back at it again with KO One Remember


This year will mark the 11th anniversary to the popular Taiwanese KO series. It all started back in 2006 when KO One was released and brought to fame Taiwanese boyband, Fahrenheit.


The storyline of all these series revolves around young rebellious teenagers fighting for their rights, their friendships and loved ones in a world where some are born with supernatural powers. Similar to the Harry Potter world, where you are either a wizard or a muggle.

The series became very popular amongst teenagers in Taiwan and have spread globally due to the amount of young idols these series are able to promote which included Fahrenheit, Danson Tang, SpeXial, George Hu, Pets Tseng, A’N’D etc.

The upcoming KO One Remember (KO One 4) will be the 8th series release in this chain and will be launched this Summer. The series has completed it’s filming and everything from pre-production to filming have been in the wraps to keep the new cast fresh and mysterious. A 30 second teaser was released and fans could recognise many familiar faces such as Pets Tseng, Spexial’s Wes and Wayne, Wen Yu Fei as well as some new characters which has sparked much discussion.

KO One Remember (KO One 4) initially planned to star the original cast from KO One Return (KO One 2) and KO One Re-act (KO One 3), but both Jiro Wang an SpeXial’s Sam were unable to take the role due to a clash in schedule and military duties. Due to the major change in main characters, fans have been guessing and anticipating what is to come.