After a thrilling show in Melbourne (check out our review here!), the members of KARD headed up to Sydney to perform at the UNSW Roundhouse, who has hosted the likes of BTS in the past. We managed to catch the show, and after a successful night, we came away with 10 things we learnt from their WILD night…

1. Their lives are seriously on point

Like, seriously. If you closed your eyes and listened to KARD perform, it would just be as if you were listening to the studio recordings of the songs themselves. KARD maintained a strong and stable vocal performance, both for the singing and rapping, which just made the concert all the more enjoyable, especially given the fact that they managed to hit all the dances perfectly AND jump around, all while never wavering in their voices.

2. Their dancing was perfect

KARD have only been in the game for just over a year now, but given the way they executed each of their dances so perfectly and with absolute precision you would be forgiven for mistaking them as a veteran K-Pop group. With each jump, body roll and position change it was evident the amount of time and effort they had put into their performances, as well as the raw talent each member possessed and the synergy as a group.

3. The girls can seriously sing

The night saw the girls of KARD hitting every dance move perfectly and every high note flawlessly, and even during each of their solo stages it was evident the love for the stage they both had and the love for fans. It was always a party watching the girls perform, and as they delicately balanced out the guys on stage it created a beautiful performance. As Somin put it, her favourite part of performing on stage is the amount of energy and love she is able to give back to her fans just because they gave it to her.

4. The charisma the boys emit is so infectious and mesmerising

I’ve raved on about the girls, but who could forget the boys of KARD as they performed tonight? Bringing laughter and cheer throughout the entire night, the boys never failed to get the crowd hyped and pumping, whether it be through their solo stages, or calling the audience to dance along with them, or simply just smiling and waving, the charisma of the boys quickly caught out onto the crowd and it wouldn’t take long before the crowd would be singing and cheering along.

5. J.Seph’s voice is smooth. Like seriously smooth.

Each of the members got a solo stage and a chance to showcase their skills, and for J.Seph, it was his impeccable rapping skills. Seated on stage with only a microphone and a song, J.Seph quickly blew away everyone in the audience with his smooth voice and jazzy rapping. If anyone wasn’t already in love with J.Seph, they would be after his solo stage.

6. B.M’s rapping and writing skills are a force to be reckoned with

The thing that caught my eye (and ear) about B.M almost immediately was his deep and rich voice, and when you pair this with a rap he wrote himself, you’ve got yourself the perfect rapper. As soon as B.M started rapping, it was really clear that he had a love and passion for what he does, so much so that he wrote his own solo stage towards the end of 2017 as he was looking back on the year. To put your heart and emotions into a piece and then perform that piece on stage in front of thousands of fans is a real testament to your skills and passion, and this was directly reflected onto B.M.

7. Somin’s years of training have really paid off for her

Anyone who knows Somin will know that she has debuted in not just one but two K-Pop groups before making her debut with KARD, and watching her solo stage tonight is became pretty evident that the years of training and debuting have paid off on stage. Whilst covering Taeyeon‘s Fine, Somin flawlessly and effortlessly transitioned between the quiet and loud, the gentle and strong, the soothing and passionate. Whatever Somin’s been having to become this skilled, I will take 10 of those please.

8. Jiwoo’s performance REALLY REALLY set me on fire

During her solo stage, Jiwoo stunned us all with a rendition of Winner‘s Really Really and it really really got the crowd moving. Stunning the audience with a combination of her rapping, singing and dancing, Jiwoo quickly got the crowd moving and singing along as she proved what a force she truly was. It was truly a spectacular performance to watch, with the perfect combination of skill and enthusiasm from both Jiwoo and the audience alike.

9. KARD have a whole lotta love for their fans and Australia

The amount of fan interactions tonight was INSANE. Just like in Melbourne, we saw four fans dance battle it out for the chance to win some signed polaroids (side note: Hidden Kards have got really impressive dance moves), and we also managed to watch four fans get their wish come true with selfies with the members, polaroids together, signed CDs and one lucky fan even got a serenade from J.Seph *swoon*

Aside from the ridiculous amount of love they gave to these fans, the love and appreciation they showed for all the audience and Australia in general was beyond belief. Every single member made an effort to get to know and appreciate their audience, B.M. in particular speaking as much English as possible, and at the end of the night each member showed their love for Australia, promising that they would work hard for their next album and come back to Australia soon.

10. KARD really is the whole DEAL

Sorry, but I really couldn’t resist squeezing in a card joke in there. But it is true, after watching tonight’s performance, I can honestly say that KARD is one of the most talented idols I have had the pleasure of seeing live. The 4-member group haven’t been around for long, but it is crystal clear that the synergy and dynamic they have within the group resonates on stage. The boys would support the girls, the girls would support the boys, the boys would support the boys and the girls would support the girls. KARD had a genuine love for the fans, the stage and each other, and if they keep this up, then at this rate, they are set for world dominance. From singing to rapping to dance to variety skills, there was never a dull moment with KARD throughout the night.

KARD performed their 2018 WILD KARD tour in Australia in the city of Sydney on Sunday 29th April.