Hello Asia! writer K-Ci Williams looks forward to the premiere of I Promised You The Moon with a retrospective on I Told Sunset About You.

If you’re a fan of I Told Sunset About You like I am, you will be counting down the days until Teh and Oh-aew return to our screens. Growing up gay often means you do not get to experience many ‘firsts’ like the rest of your peers; first kiss, first love, first crush – it is all in secret. Watching Western TV is no different. No LGBTQ+ characters on Western screens have been given as much development and care as Thailand’s Teh and Oh-aew, and their story offers a plethora of moments that make us emotional, like these…

1. The coconut allegory. Teh goes from detesting coconut (and not drinking from one for good luck) to being alluringly intoxicated by the scent. Perhaps Oh-aew is his good luck charm?

2. This Kiss. Enough said.

3. The red Hibiscus flower. These symbolise passion and deep romantic love. The red was smartly contrasted with the purple hibiscus that we associate with Tarn. My gay heart is screaming.

4. “I don’t want to see him sad.” This broke me. It hurt Bas to see Oh-aew in pain; this was his sign of love for him. In that same way, it hurt Oh-aew to see Teh in pain. And that is how he knew that in the end, it was Teh that he loved.

5. Oh-aew sings the lyrics of ‘Skyline’ and Teh translates. It is a touching moment of peace amongst a story of increasing chaos, the calm before the storm. Also — PP singing.

6. Accessing their inner child. This parallel from childhood friendship to adolescent love makes me cry.

7. Oh-aew wears a bra. Prompted by Teh grabbing at his chest, Oh-aew experiments with his femininity. It is such a private moment and it is really impactful.

8. Feeding Oh-aew chips… is something that can actually be so personal.

9. Chaste! And Teh’s reaction to Oh-aew’s secret not being something only he knew. When you like somebody, those small details that they share with you become even more significant. It is like you know that person better than anybody else in the world knows them.

10. Brother Hoon is an ally. And sexy af. His support of Teh throughout the entire series really gets me choked up.

11. More parallels. They will be the end of me.

12. Literally anytime Oh-aew cried or got upset. I am a sucker for that boy.

13. When Teh was a dick. Like, I screamed at him through the pixels on my screen.

14. Episode 3’s ending. Like I said in my review, this scene was so intimate that I felt like I was intruding. And for Teh to leave Oh-aew alone after that broke my heart.

15. “Don’t give my time to others.” I have no words for this 😭

16. This. A proclamation of love in front of the sunset. If you did not cry, you are lying.

17. 爱

Soon enough we will see Teh and Oh-aew again. I am sure there will be many tears and many joys in the upcoming episodes. See you on the other side. Goodbye sunset, hello moon.