The twin sisters of Jayesslee are not just pretty faces. They are amazing musicians and they do a great deal of impressive covers. We know many of you can’t wait to see and hear them live in Melbourne and Sydney this week, we are excited too! While we wait, we decided to look back their past covers and pick the top 5. Here’s our pick, what’s yours?

1. Wondergirls – Nobody

It’s a super old cover but it’s still one of our favourites of all. It sounds better than the original version simply because the orchestration is simple making it fun and easy to listen to. With only acoustic guitar and each other’s voices, the melody and lyrics sound crystal clear. Old is certainly gold.

2. Josh Groban – You Raise Me Up

We love how the cover is so well balanced and harmonised expressing their deepest feelings. Dedicated to their late grandmother, the track shows off their vocal power and talents. Period.

3. Jessie J – Price Tag

We’ll give everything to hear this acoustic version of Price Tag live, seriously. This is one amazing cover, we love the ad-lib, the harmonisation, the guitar strums, their raps everything! And their fashion sense, so on point.

4. Ariana Grande – Problem

The girls keep Ariana Grande’s Problem fun, upbeat and powerful. They keep the melody and harmony balanced with strong raps and smooth falsetto. We had a lot of fun listening, singing along and dancing to it.

5. Psy – Gangnam Style

The song that everyone knows transformed into a sweet and addictive track. Harmonised by guitar and their sweet voices, the melody sounds smoother and more relaxing than the original version. It’s difficult not to like and have it on repeat.

Don’t miss Jayesslee in Sydney or Melbourne this week! Details on their official website: jayesslee.com

Article by Vincenlya Susanto