Beast Melbourne

After 4 years, Beast has finally returned to Australia and the 6 gorgeous boys totally made our night at the Ordinary Fan Meet in Melbourne! To celebrate the beautiful night, here are 6 things we love about the wonderful and fairytale like fan meet with the talented Korean boys.

1. The fairytale reunion of Beauty and the Beast.

It felt like a dream when the 6 flawless beings stood before our eyes, singing and dancing to our all time favourites. Thrown to a wonderful world only seen in story books and turned into Belle for the night, the fan meet was the epitome of a modern-day fairytale. All thanks to the beautiful and intimate setting at Regent Theatre, every Beauty has their share of happily ever after.

2. Their excellent fan service.

Living up to their reputation, the Beast boys showered Australian with heaps of love, hugs and mini hearts. It’s no secret how Yoseob is such a fan service king, but it’s so lovely seeing him in action. If you are one of the lucky fans who got to hug and win their polaroids, selcas, signed CDs or got their phones and personal selfies taken by Dujun, Kikwang and Yoseob; rest assured, what happened was not fiction.

3. Their flawless skin.

We are probably stating the obvious when we say this but we find the need to really put it out there for the world to know (that includes you, Hyeunsung) that Beast boys have incredibly flawless porcelain skin. They look even better in person, extremely beautiful and gorgeous! Our favourite is Yoseob who looks just like a doll! Is that even legal?

4. Their unchanging persona.

Kikwang’s unchanging puppy eyes, Junhyung’s shy smiles, Dujun’s playfulness, Yoseob’s beautiful high notes, Hyeunsung’s 4D character and Dongwoon’s handsome features. What more could we ask for? Well, perhaps one more encore?

5. Their unwavering love for Beauty and each other.

Failing at your first attempt? Don’t worry, Beast has got your back! During the special segment, the boys gave each other a chance when any one of them failed at securing gifts for fans. We love how hardworking they are at being playful and childlike while completely giving their best for their fans.

6. The High Touch Event and Yoseob’s real soft hands.

Hands up if you went for the High Touch event! Did time stop when you shook their hands? Or did time fly you by as you struggled finding the words to say to them? Did you sacredly look at your hands with determination to not wash them afterwards? Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Ps. Don’t be fooled by his tough and masculine look, Yoseob actually has the softest hands amongst them!