GOT7 kicked off their Australian Global Fan Meeting in Sydney this evening and boy did it FLY!

We’ve got a gallery of photos from the Fan Meeting over here for you, and our full review of the evening will be up shortly, but in the meantime here we have GOT 7 (gettit) things that we learnt about the boys tonight!

1. Bambam is seemingly the GOT7 centre of gravitational force. He was everywhere and anywhere during the fan meet- doing his best at speaking English (which is actually really well), constantly being selected for games and punishments (both by the members and by pure chance), and just generally making sure everyone was having a good time.

2. Mark is the most concerned with occupational health and safety, especially when it comes to overexcited fangirls pushing forward and risking being squished! Throughout the evening he made sure to pause and tell everyone to move back a couple of steps- stating “surely everyone’s hot? we’re hot!” 😉

3. The members all missed Youngjae, who unfortunately wasn’t able to make the Australian tour due to an injury. Even though Mark accidentally said that it was Jackson that wasn’t there (poor Jackson ha) it was clear they missed their seventh member. Youngjae had prerecorded a really touching message for his fans in Australia that brought about a collective sympathetic “Youngjaeee” from the crowd <3

4. Jinyoung is the best at the ball throwing game, but to be honest that wasn’t too hard- the poor other boys were pretty hopeless at landing goals despite their best efforts! Don’t worry guys, we know you have lots of other great qualities.

5. Asked to label each of their fellow members as “family members” the boys cheerfully cried “JACKSON IS THE DOG”. The absent Youngjae is apparently the uncle!

6. Hard Carry is definitely THE MOMENT. The epic song is even more epic live on stage with smoke machines and strong choreography and blasting bass. Ah… HARD CARRY YEAH!! *imitates dance*

7. This was GOT7’s FIRST time in Australia, despite assurances that they’ve wanted to come for a long time. Jackson’s brother (who was in the crowd holding Jackson’s cute little niece) even live in Australia, and Bambam explained that he has a friend who lives in Sydney and now that he’s come he wants to buy a house and live here too. And to that we say-

Bambam buy a house big enough so that all of GOT7 can come and live here in Sydney! 😀  See, they’re ready: