Over the past few weeks, tens of thousands of K-Pop fans from all over the world have been voting for their favourite K-Pop act as we worked our way through four group stages, two semi-finals and the finals to crown the winners of the 2018 K-Pop Showdown. Today, we’re excited to reveal the acts who came in third, second and first place according to your votes!

And they are…

Third Place: SHINee

Originally a five-piece group, SHINee was formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. They’ve been dubbed “Princes of K-Pop” and have been considered to be one of the best in terms of live vocals and are known for their highly synchronised and complex dance routines.

Not many K-pop group acts see success as soon as they debut but SHINee, with their debut single “Replay”, is one of the exceptions. It remains a representative song for K-Pop in 2008. Even after 10 years, they’ve continued to reinvent themselves and remain innovative in their performances. They have become some of K-Pop’s most respected performers and their ability to take ownership of any music style has led the way for several music genres to thrive in South Korea.

Second Place: Mamamoo

With a reputation for strong vocal ability and performance skills, Mamamoo continue to rise in popularity having earned their first #1 on the Billboard World Album charts in 2017 amongst winning a string of awards in South Korea, and even Brazil.

Earlier in 2018, the group announced their project series ‘Four Seasons’, the goal being to release four albums, each with a colour to align with each band member. As part of this project, their single ‘Starry Night’ taken from their sixth EP ‘Yellow Flower’ was filmed entirely in New Zealand, featuring stunning scenery and showcasing a more mature side to the groups musical style, as was their intention with their newest releases.

First Place: Super Junior

Debuting in November of 2005, Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) have rightfully earned their title as K-Pop Kings. Indeed, the group was the best-selling K-Pop artist for four years in a row. Moreover, over their illustrious career Super Junior have been able to boast thirteen music awards from MAMA, nineteen Golden Disc Awards, and have won the “International Artist” and “Best Fandom” titles from the 2015 Teen Choice Awards – and this is just the beginning.

Indeed, their whole discography is full of smash-hit tracks that will forever go down as some of the most iconic K-Pop songs to ever be released. Congratulations to the band and their fan army ELF on voting them in the top spot, and crowning them the best K-Pop act of all time…