george​ is a R&B Singer/Songwriter who has released ‘I am george’, ‘Boat’, ‘Swimming Pool’ and an EP album [cassette]. His​ debut EP album [cassette] topped the Apple Music’s R&B chart, taking the fifth place of the main album chart.

[Craft and Jun] george from NINA CHUNG on Vimeo.

Since before his debut, george has been keeping in touch with people on his facebook page “georgelife” and has established an image for himself of being a witty and happy, and sometimes serious artist.

The thing about george is that he manages to find a positive side to everything, good or bad. The word spread and eventually, some musicians started contacting him to talk about making music together.

Here is george’s latest collaboration with SOMDEF (썸데프) “All Good”.

Recommended by a fellow musician, george participated in Hyorin and Jooyoung’s “Erase”(2014) as a lyricist. Soon after that his career in the music business kicked off and he continues to give off his delightful vibes in his music videos and social media, which is exactly what the public loves him for.

Perhaps best known for his song “Boat”, george shows us that he has fun whatever he does and rides with the tide in this unprecedented style of music video.

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Instagram: @hellorabbit8