This year has been a big one for Taiwanese rocker and crooner Jam Hsiao, who released his cover album Reminiscence at the start of the year. Rocking a cut a little shorter than what fans were used to, it was still dapper and not that big a change from the mop Hsiao usually sports. However, as the year progressed, Hsiao appeared with a monk-like buzz cut, which he has been sporting in many different styles and colours as we get further into 2016. Here are a couple of the radical colours he’s gone with:


Still going with his natural hair colour, this was taken from a drama series Hsiao is starring in called “Midnight Food Room”. Still looking pretty handsome, I’ve gotta say.


Now here’s where the fun starts. Jam was seen rocking the purple buzzcut look at the V music awards in March earlier this year where he bagged two awards. Seeing as pastel purple is one of my favourite colours, I can deal with it. Looking good!


Dying his hair yet again soon after, Jam transformed his look to a more korean-style caramel shade, which may have been the remnants of what was left after the purple wore off. I think this colour quite suits him, actually!


Now this is where the trouble begins. Here Jam is seen rocking a slime green colour at the Men’s Uno press conference that makes him look very much like an evil Japanese anime character or a lime green skittle. This look is a little too radical for my liking…


Finally 7th May, Jam seems to have changed his look yet again to an angry red colour. Although he’s taken it a notch down from the green for the Music Radio Awards in China, that colour does not go well with his fair skin in my opinion.

But all in all, judging from all the colours and styles he’s gone through in his appearances at new events and projects, looks like it’s been an eventful, and may I say, colourful year for Jam! (Pun very much intended).