With Taylor Swift breaking records across the world on her The 1989 World Tour, the team at Hello Asia has put together a list of artists from around Asia that we would LOVE to see collaborate with Tay Tay as her “special guest” and the song they should perform together.

CL (South Korea)


Korea’s “baddest female” with “America’s Sweetheart”. What a great pairing that would be? Matching Taylor’s wholesome goodness and CL’s street cred would send K-Pop fans in a frenzy. We think “Shake It Off” is the perfect duet track.

Perfect duet: Shake It Off

G.E.M (Hong Kong)


Hong Kong’s songbird G.E.M is often branded as the Chinese “Taylor Swift”. With her sweet vocals, heartfelt songwriter skills and piano/guitar playing ability, G.E.M has all the tools to cross over into the western music world.

Perfect duet: Enchanted

AAA (Japan)


AAA (Attack All Around) a 7 member “super performance unit” would complement Tay Tay perfectly in a powerful power ballad. Especially if rapper SkyHi gets a part in the song!

Perfect duet: I Knew You Were Trouble

Nadine Lustre (Philippines)


Imagine a collaboration with Philippine’s pop princess Nadine Lustre? Both produce extremely catchy songs, both fit the modern day princess description. We think “Style” is the perfect collaboration song for “Taydine”!

Perfect duet: Style

Rap Monster (South Korea)


BTS leader Rap Monster would be a perfect fit for Kendrick Lamar’s raps on Bad Blood. A perfect showcase of Rap Monster’s swag and rap skills. Just imagine this collaboration live!

Perfect duet: Bad Blood

Namie Amuro (Japan)

Namie Amuro2

Japan’s biggest ‘Queen of J-Pop’ undoubtedly would be perfect for a collaboration with Taylor Swift for Love Story. One of the biggest selling artists in Japanese music history, imagine Namie and Taylor together in the ‘flying balcony’ around Tokyo Dome?

Perfect duet: Love Story

Jay Park (South Korea)


A bit of a left field choice from the writers of Hello Asia. But we think this collaboration will be dynamic especially with the song “Blank Space”. We can totally see Jay writing a rap part or even act the part on stage.

Perfect duet: Blank Space

JJ Lin (Taiwan)

JJ Lin2

The powerhouse Mandopop singer is a perfect fit to fill in Ed Sheeran’s vocals in “Everything Has Changed”. Silky vocals from the Chinese pop star who vowed the world last year with his collaboration with Jason Mraz at Golden Melody Awards.

Perfect duet: Everything Has Changed


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