Since K-Pop boy group B.A.P will be gracing Australian and New Zealand shores in less than two weeks, here are five songs selected by the writers of Hello Asia that you have to listen to before you watch them perform live!

워리어 (Warrior): This song is not only their debut song, but as vocalist Himchan describes it, “‘Warrior’ is the song the six of us formed together.” Fun fact – B.A.P is one of the first K-Pop groups that debuted with all members with their hair blonde!

워리어 (Stop It): The cute outfits, fun colours and Yongguk x hamburger is iconic! This music video depicts Yongguk as a playful devil, following the main character around and harassing her suitors. Plus, the twist at the end reminds us that not all glitters is gold.

One Shot: Presenting, a yacht, 2 helicopters, a tank, a gang of bludgeoning thugs, a double double-cross, and an epic gun battle. This 6 minutes 55 second MV is Korean Drama and K-Pop at its most cinematic. Reported to have cost $1 billion Won, B.A.P’s One Shot along with Warrior bridges the gap between post-split TVXQ and BTS in hyper-masculine choreography. (Ariel Alkire)

1004 (Angel): This song comes complete with beautiful orchestrals, epic lyrics, an incredible MV, spider crawling on the floor dance moves and mega hip thrusts. Definitely my favourite go to video from B.A.P and the one that caused fans to go crazy at their previous live concert in Australia in 2014. (Kathryn Czornij)

Young, Wild and Free: B.A.P’s fierce comeback never disappoints! After a 1 year hiatus from legal disputes with TS Entertainment, ‘Young, Wild and Free’ reminds everyone that “B.A.P the king is back!” The lyrics tell listeners never to give up and keep running as we are ‘Young, Wild and Free’. With this group, there is definitely ‘No pain, no gain.’ as told by Yongguk.

Are you ready to see B.A.P live and scream your heart out?

B.A.P Live On Earth Australia/New Zealand 2016 World Tour

Thursday 26th May 2016 – Festival Hall, Melbourne
Friday 27th May 2016 – Big Top Luna Park, Sydney
Sunday 29th May 2016 – The Trust Arena, Auckland

Melbourne: Festival Hall
Melbourne Ticketing: Ticketmaster
Sydney: Big Top Sydney
Auckland: The Trust Arena
Auckland Ticketing: Ticketek New Zealand

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