Taiwanese star Jam Hsiao is coming to Australia next week for his IMBA Rock and Romance concert in Melbourne & Sydney! In celebration of his arrival in Australia, Hello Asia’s resident C-Pop expert Jocelle Koh has put together five of her favourite Jam Hsiao songs over the past decade.

1. 王妃 Princess

This is one song that Jam Hsiao fans cannot go without knowing. The resident rock god of the Mandopop scene is known for his electrifying live performances, and how better to rock out there than by singing one of his earliest but most classic rock hits along with him? With those grounded beats and screeching electric guitar solos, this song’s infective vibe will have you rocking along in your car, on the bus or as you watch Jam live.

2. 只能想念你

A classic work from his “Wild Dreams” album that was written by indie chanteuse Tanya Chua, it combines his classic rock vocals and attitude with Chua’s signature mellow, wise sound to bring out Hsiao’s softer side. The lyrics are bittersweet and a little vintage, making it all the more heart wrenching.

3. 阿飛的小蝴蝶

Jam’s playful side comes out in another one of his classics, “A-Fei’s little butterfly”. A cheerful piece that delves into more of the R&B genre, it’s a song that will get your head nodding and toe tapping in no time. A sweet song that has a real summertime feel to it!

4. Marry Me

Jam lets his romantic side out in this chart-topping single released in his Golden Melody Award-winning album “It’s All About Love”. A more classically R&B piece, Jam’s rocky and genuine vocals are a definite home run here. This original song really gives Bruno Mars’ song of the same name a run for its money in my book!

5. 一眼瞬間 (Feat. A-Mei)

But of course who could forget the classic duet that first brought Jam to public attention? Forever etched into the history of contemporary Mandopop, the song has the quintessential makings of a hearty love ballad with juicy harmonies, soaring vocals and sweet lyrics. Have a listen and you’ll soon realise what a wonderful combination Jam and A-Mei’s vocals make!

Jam Hsiao is performing in Melbourne on Friday 12th May and Sydney on Sunday 14th May as part of his IMBA Rock and Romance concert. For more information see here.