On Friday, 26 May, Australia ARMYs had the opportunity to see BTS perform live at Qudos Bank Arena for their Sydney leg of their BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour. Their energy overflowed on the stage – here are 5 things we learned about BTS from their performance in Sydney!

1. This was the first performance they did after they won at the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs) so they were extra hyped.

Jin, when introducing himself, said, “Hello, I’m worldwide handsome,” referencing the moment during an interview when he was asked about the #thirdguyfromtheleft trend, and he declared himself worldwide handsome. Rap Monster, at the ending stage, also mentioned that this performance was important to them: “Tonight is very special to us because this is, today, in Sydney, is our first show after our Billboard Music Awards.”

2. All of them have improved leaps and bounds on their English.

Instead of communicating to the fans with Korean and having a translator there, their speeches were done entirely in English at the concert – which shows their dedication to communicating with the fans. They each introduced the show fluently as they were delivering their opening speeches, and their closing thoughts were also entirely in English.

3. They are easily amused by small things.

In the middle interval of the concert, there was a pile of fake money on the stage, and J-Hope picked it up and sang the chorus of ‘Blood, Sweat, Tears’ (wonhae manhi manhi), making a play on the Korean word for ‘a lot’ (manhi) which is homophonous with the English ‘money’. V started collecting the paper notes and inspecting them to see if they were real (sorry, buddy, they weren’t).

4. Rap Monster thinks Australia is a beautiful country and he’d be living here if he wasn’t living in South Korea.

He mentioned that he had fun the day before the concert exploring at the Opera House and the Royal Botanic Gardens – thankfully they came when the weather was sunny and not pouring down! Rap Monster also mentioned that he has lots of friends here and is thinking about moving here later!

5. The fan interaction and acknowledgement was on point.

Right before they jumped into their throwback medley of songs (N.O, No More Dream, Boy In Luv, Run), they encouraged the left side of the crowd to make some noise, and then the right side, with Suga shouting “Louder!” as the stadium burst into cheers. At the very end, during the encore, they used the entire stage set-up, each of the members running to the very ends of the stage extensions and waving for a long time to the ARMYs who had travelled to see them. All of them posed for the fans, made cute faces, gave us finger-hearts, and of course, worldwide handsome Jin blew us multiple kisses.

What an unforgettable night! LEGIT!

BTS continues their BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour in Osaka, Japan, on 30 May, where they will perform over three nights.

Photos courtesy of BigHit Entertainment