It’s time to update your playlist with these five Indie acts from Thailand you need to get your ears around!

The Richman Toy

Ever wanted to wear a cowboy hat? You’ll be hard pressed to look as cool as the lead singer and guitarist of indie rock band The Richman Toy. These guys have been around since 2004 and all have some serious 70’s swag, complete with luscious harmonies reminiscent of an Eagles/Fleetwood mac era.

Whilst they feature a violinist as part of the line up, they perform live with a string quartet, adding a whole new layer of sophistication that sounds truly beautiful.

Violette Wautier

Violette Wautier (also known at V Violette) first appeared as a contestant on season two of The Voice Thailand and went on to sign with Universal Music Thailand. When her contract ended, the Thai-Belgian artist opted to take the indie route, writing her own music in English and Thai under her own label.

Violette’s latest single “Smoke” is sensual and sophisticated. Check it out below.


Polycat’s latest single ‘I Want You’ is about as close to perfection as it gets. The Neo Soul track starts with funky synth melodies, 80’s snare drum and bass lines that sit right in the pocket. When the gospel vocals kick in, be prepared to lose your mind.

The band met at Chiang Mai university, releasing their first album in 2011 under Bangkok pop music label Small Room. They have also released music in Japanese aside from Thai and English.

Basically, if you’re a lover of 80’s and 90’s rnb, or straight-up indie rock then get ready to fall in love with Polycat.

Tattoo Colour

Tattoo Colour are an award winning pop band from Khonkaen who are also under the Small Room music label.

Their video for ‘NO.1’ depicts a comical but moving story of a clumsy man who just can’t get it together and is contemplating some poor moral judgement in his daily life.

Their sound is very ‘feel good’ with upbeat melodies, funky guitar rhythms and lush vocal harmonies.

Penguin Villa

Get your tissues ready for Penguin Villa’s latest single “A Loner”.  This emotional acoustic, guitar driven track with soulful, pop ballad style vocals is sure tug at your heart strings as the video depicts a broken hearted man. The track begins somewhat gently before building in intensity to a powerful, dramatic ending.

Penguin Villa is the project of musician and producer ‘Jay’ Jetamon Malayoda, former guitarist of alternative rock band ‘Proud’.