Co-ed group K.A.R.D kicked off their first tour in America with a performance at Copernicus Center in Chicago on May 5th. If this is any indication of what we can expect from a group that hasn’t debuted yet then fans are definitely in store for a very exciting act.

We have a gallery of photos up, and here’s a list of five things we learned at the show:

1. Influences of individual styles

During their Q&A, the group was asked who has influenced their individual styles. J.Seph responded with CJamm, JiWoo with both Rihanna and Beyonce, Somin with Ariana Grande and BM with J.Cole in terms of lyrics and Jay Park for performance, but also said more than anyone else it’s J.Seph. These influences are evident as the night’s setlist included great covers of Ariana’s Grande’s “The Way” and “Side to Side,” as well as Rihanna’s “B**** Better Have My Money.”

2. BM’s current favorite song is by Chance the Rapper

During the Q&A, a fan asked BM what his current obsession song is. Acknowledging that it was released a while ago, BM went into covering the chorus of “No Problem” by the Chicago rappper.

3. Somin thinks JiWoo looks like an emoji

One of the Q&A questions asked Somin to give a compliment to the person to her left, which happened to be JiWoo. She said JiWoo has a very cute emoji like face, is very charismatic and has great vocals, to which JiWoo completely agreed – as she should!

4. BM lost the random dance game

After taking part in a random dance game to sped up and slowed down mashups of their own songs, apparently BM under-performed and was given a punishment of having to do a sexy dance for the crowd. He started off the quick solo dance routine by pulling up his shirt to show off his abs, to which the crowd responded appropriately.

5. They clarified the allegations from Vancouver

Following online discussions accusing the group of using a slur word during a Vancouver performance, they decided they needed to address the issue directly with the audience. They cleared up the confusion saying that they would not use a derogatory term, and respect all cultures and races. This was brought up two different times during the evening, so the group felt a strong desire to clear up the issue and in the end said it was a misunderstanding.

Photos by Daniel Boczarski.