Happy Mother’s day to one and all! It’s certainly a day to be thankful to your mums for not only carrying you for nine months and enduring the painful labour of pushing you out of her, but also for her unending support of you no matter what stage of life you’re in. Here are four C-Pop artists who shared their love and thanks to their moms in sweet and unique ways. Let’s have a look shall we?

Patrick Brasca and Celeste Syn

Brasca, the wonderkid that is Jay Chou’s mentee has actually composed a sweet song for his mum called “I LOVE MY MAMA” which features the vocal stylings of himself and JVR label mate Celeste Syn. I love this song because it’s not just any simple sentimental song, it’s actually a very well written indie folk piece, which is really helped by the interesting vocal backings by Celeste too! A great song indeed!

Lara Veronin

This Mother’s day will be a bittersweet one for Lara and her family, as it will be the first they’ll celebrate without their beloved Mama Liang by their side. However, Lara decided to hold her first Legacy concert of 2016 on Mother’s day itself, so she could share this awesome day with fans and hopefully build more memories with them! Check out a clip of Lara’s last concert at Legacy and you’ll know that she’ll definitely have another great lineup planned for this year’s concert!


A-mei uses nothing more than her beautiful, soothing voice to transfer her greetings to all mothers around the world! Watch the video and see for yourself!

Jacky Chen


Although he may not have done in especially for Mother’s day, winner of Best Taiwanese-language Male Artist Jacky Chen has done something especially touching for his grandmother, writing her a song called “A life’s love song”. The music video is especially touching, featuring women of different ages depicting his grandmother, as well as many pictures of him and her together throughout his youth. Watch it below!