Kpop girl idol group Girl’s Day is making their way down under for the first time for KCON Australia! Here’s all you need to know about this awesome foursome from Dream Tea Entertainment.


Sojin (소진, born Park So-jin (박소진)) on 21st May 1986. She is the leader and lead vocalist.

Yura (유라, born Kim Ah-young (김아영)) on 6th November 1992. She is the main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist and visual

Minah (민아, born Bang Min-ah (방민아)) on 13th May 1993. She is the main vocalist and face of the group

Hyeri (혜리, born Lee Hye-ri (이혜리)) born 9th June 1994. She is the main dancer, vocalist, face of the group and the maknae

Debut Date: July 2010

Fanclub Name: DAI5Y

Five Fun Facts:

  1. Since debut the girls have endorsed over 20 brands, including LG, Pocky and Lotte World
  2. Member Hyeri ranked 3rd in a list ranking of Korea’s most powerful and influential celebrities in 2016
  3. Girl’s Day are Plan Korea ambassadors
  4. Yura was on We Got Married in 2014 with Hong Jong Hyun
  5. Both Minah and Hyeri have starred in several kdramas

Our favourite Girl’s Day Song: