Seven member boy group MONSTA X from Starship Entertainment is coming to KCON Australia! Here’s Hello Asia’s Introduction to this “monster” group.


Shownu (Hangul: 셔누) was born Sohn Hyun-woo on 18th June 1992. He is the leader, main dancer and lead vocalist.[25][26]

Wonho (Hangul: 원호) was born Lee Ho-seok on 1st March 1993. He is a leader vocalist, lead dancer and visual

Minhyuk (Hangul: 민혁) was born Lee Min-hyuk on the 3rd November 1993. He is a vocalist, visual and face of the group

Kihyun (Hangul: 기현) was born Yoo Ki-hyun on the 22nd November 1993. He is the main vocalist.

Hyungwon (Hangul: 형원) was born Chae Hyung-won on the 15th January 1994. He is a lead dancer, vocalist and visual

Jooheon (Hangul: 주헌) was born Lee Joo-heon on the 6th October 1994. He is the main rapper and vocalist

I.M (Hangul: 아이엠) was born Im Chang-kyun on the 26th January 1996. He is a lead rapper, vocalist and the maknae

Debut Date: May 2016

Meaning of Name: “monsters conquering the kpop scene”

Fanclub Name: Mon Bebe

Five Fun Facts:

  1. The members were formed through MNET survival show No.Mercy in 2015
  2. They received the Next Generation Asian Artist award at MAMA 2015
  3. Leader Shownu was a JYP trainee with GOT7 for 2 years
  4. Kihyun’s favourite song is “Merry Go-Round” by Joe Hisaishi from How’s Moving Castle
  5. Wonho picked jogging pants as the item he is most emotionally attached to

Our favourite Monsta X Song: