Are you going to YouTube Fan Fest Manila tonight?

Well, we made a list of things you will need for tonite so you’ll have the most amazing experience later!

  • Have a good breakfast. Food and drinks (soda, juice, and water) are available in the venue. Alcohol is a big no-no.
  • Keep your bags small. Big bags won’t be allowed inside so just bring items you need the most for a hassle-free night. All you need is yourself and an extra sparkle of fun!
  • Dress comfortably. Wear clothes that will let you jump, dance, and groove along your favorite YouTube creators! Get ready to stand for long hours too so don your cutest pair of sneakers or flats!
  • Arrive early. Queues may get long so make sure to pack some ounce of patience too. You may bring a big handkerchief or a small towel that will fit in a small bag to sit on whenever you get tired.
  • Stay connected. You don’t want to miss out on taking awesome photos or videos right? Bring your charger and power banks so you can tell your mom and dad, and even the world you’re having a grand time! The last thing you want is an empty battery! Yikes.
  • Bring smiles everywhere. Get ready to dance, laugh, sing along and shriek in delight for your favorite YouTube creators and create fun memories with newfound friends.
  • Stay safe. If you need assistance about anything, do approach the security personnel stationed all over the place.
  • Lastly — don’t forget your ticket. This is your ultimate pass to a fantastic Friday night!

And you’re all set for the biggest gathering of YouTube creators in Manila!

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