KPop Christmas Playlist

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, these tracks are sure to brighten up your end-of-year festivities! Check out some of our favourite K-Pop artists spreading the Christmas cheer.

We’re going to start off with a hidden gem – Jungkook and Rapmonster of BTS, Jokwon of 2AM, Joohee of 8Eight and Im Junghee are working some Christmas magic with their voiceboxes, but where are the views on this video? Somebody give this song the love it deserves! (P.S. Check out our interviews with BTS if you haven’t already – here and here!)

If you’re as big a Dalmatian fan as I am, you’ll remember this gorgeous Christmas carol medley performed by Daniel, Jeesu and Youngwon/Donglim! The medley begins at 0:38. Did you know that Jeesu has made his solo debut under Kim Taewoo‘s agency? Keep an eye out for his new stage name, KIXS!

You can try to convince me that this song isn’t overflowing with Christmas vibes… you can tell me as much as you like, but I won’t believe you! Here’s a throwback to ‘Be My Baby’ by the Wonder Girls, a.k.a the song that made us all stop and seriously consider how we could incorporate the clap-skip-walk choreography into day to day life. Don’t tell me you’ve never tried it!

There’s no way we can leave out the gorgeous vocals of BTOB! Check out one of the cutest Christmas releases on the planet – the rap segment is performed entirely in onesies, for goodness’ sake! In fact, the entire music video works as a nice support to the lyrics that encourage us to smile and be happy. I’m sure smiling! Another of BTOB’s winter releases, ‘You Can Cry’, makes for another solid contender mainly due to Minhyuk‘s rap which I kind of want to have on repeat for the rest of my life.

Okay – not a Christmas song, but is this not one of the best jams of 2011?! There’s snow and sweaters and that makes it wintery enough for this list. And if you’re loving Boyfriend‘s tunes just as much as me, make sure you mark February 5th and 6th on your calendar because the boys along with the brilliant JJCC are headed to Australia in 2016! Read all about it here.

Let’s tone it down to something a little more slow and calming – it’s the beautiful Ailee with her Korean cover of ‘My Grown Up Christmas List’. This is easily one of my favourite covers of this song! You just can’t go wrong with Ailee’s voice. A must-add to the Christmas playlist!

In a similar mood, I also want to recommend the soothing voice of Roy Kim with ‘It’s Christmas Day’. If you’re a fan, you should definitely check out our most recent interview with him at this year’s K-CON! Click here for the interview.

The last solo act of the list – the widely loved Eric Nam! This Australian summer heat means that we don’t actually need any help melting, but it’s a good song to enjoy nevertheless: ‘Melt My Heart’.

Speaking of heat, have you been wishing for a white Christmas lately? I sure have – all the snow in these music videos certainly isn’t helping! Let’s put a pause on all the snowflakes and admire this INFINITE music video that looks just a little bit more like the December to which we’re accustomed.

Let’s celebrate Christmas with the hilarious members of the Chrome family! This sweet love song is performed by Crayon Pop (five of my favourite people on the planet), K-Much, Bob Girls and Zan-Zan. While we’re talking about Chrome, there’s a song by K-Much that I’d like to recommend called ‘December 24th‘! It’s not a happy Christmas song, but it’s a catchy track that’s definitely worth a listen.

These lucky school students personally received help from GOT7 to profess their love this Christmas! Wouldn’t it be nice if they could come to Australia and do the same? Check out the full story and music video below.

Do you think the couples that GOT7 helped will have their first kiss under the first snow? (Do you also think that I’m the champion of segues?) Next up on the playlist is ‘First Snow and First Kiss’ by Yoseob of B2ST and Daniel of Dalmatian.

More snow and more kisses! Here’s an uplifting track by the always charming TEEN TOP. Looks like some of the music video was shot by the members themselves, and what a blast they had!

Who remembers this song? SHINee already brighten up our lives, and now they’re painting it red and green with the adorable music video for ‘Colourful’. (Minho-giraffe at the end gets me every time!)

…Okay, it’s sung in Japanese, and it’s not about Christmas – but B1A4 are the sunshine of my life, and considering that the sun is an inevitable part of our Australian Christmas, that makes B1A4 an inevitable part of our Christmas playlist! Take a listen to ‘White Miracle’.

Just one more not-a-Christmas-song to add to the songs-that-need-to-be-played-at-Christmas list. This is the last one, I promise! We all know that 15& have beautiful voices, but have you heard ‘I Dream’? The music video shows the girls starting from the bottom to fulfill their dreams of singing on-stage. If there’s a dream on your wishlist this Christmas, you might find this song gives you some inspiration.

That brings my K-Pop Christmas playlist recommendations to an end! What songs are we missing? Let us know your thoughts and what’s on your playlist this year!