Wonder Girls was a girl group under JYP Entertainment since 2007 and didn’t officially disband until 2017. As “South Korea’s Retro Queens,” the Wonder Girls were widely applauded for their ability to pull off various musical and visual concepts containing elements from different decades, such as the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. Their domestic popularity spread to the States when they hit No. 76 on the Billboard Hot 100 with the English version of their Korean hit “Nobody” — three years before “Gangnam Style”! In a controversial move that still divides fans, Wonder Girls‘ label had the quintet leave Korea at the height of their popularity to focus on learning U.S. culture for a deeper American penetration. While the girls toured America with the Jonas Brothers, released a TeenNick movie and even sang a duet with Stevie Wonder.

Their lineup had a bit of a change while they were active but the former group members have had successful careers since leaving. Sunmi released her first solo comeback in “Gashina.” The song became an instant hit and shortly after, she’s released the single “Heroine,” which was also widely well-received.

Yeeun released several new singles as HA:TFELT, including “Pluhmm” and “Cigar,” both from her second single album, Deine. Yeeun received praise for both songs, which were minimalistic, yet dimensional and sensual.

Since their departure from the group earlier one, Sohee has appeared in various acting roles in dramas and films, and Sunye gave birth to her second daughter and continued her missionary work.

Here are our top three Wonder Girls song!

“Tell Me”


“Why So Lonely”

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