Welcome to the K-Pop Showdown, where you, the readers, are choosing between 12 legendary K-Pop Acts to help us decide who the best K-Pop Act OF ALL TIME are. Over the next 48 hours, you’ll choose between the first three of these acts, to decide who’ll win in group one. And group one goes to the girls, with three all girl outfits who are already legends in their own right…

Will it be:

Mamamoo – Read our pitch HERE

f(x) – Read our pitch HERE

or Girls Generation? – Read our pitch HERE

Voting starts at 12 noon on 11th December and ends at 12 noon Sydney, Australia time on 13th December, when Group Two will kick off!

Only Hello Asia! Subscribers will be able to vote in the Semi-Finals and Finals next week, so make sure to tick that box if you want to participate in the final rounds!