BIGBANG are arguably the OG kings of K-pop, being one of the most influential acts to help spread the  “Korean wave” internationally. The five-member group started in 2006 and are signed under YG Entertainment. In 2007, with their song ‘Lies’, Big Bang opened up what many have described as the “golden age of K-Pop”. The group now has 4.8 billion views on their Youtube channel and have won awards such as Best Worldwide act, two Japan Gold Disc Awards, and an Artist of The Year Award among many others.

Each member has had pretty successful solo careers, most notably G-Dragon being known as a style icon and releasing a few best-selling albums like Heartbreaker and One of a Kind. Including their solo releases and sub-units, Big Bang have sold over 140 million records, with over 128 million singles and 13 million albums in Korea, Japan and China, making them the best-selling group of all-time in Asia and one of the best-selling boy bands in the world.  

Here are just a few of their best songs:

Bang Bang Bang:


Fantastic Baby:

We’re all waiting for all the BIGBANG members to complete their mandatory military service before they come out with new music. Till then vote for Big Bang if you think the OG kings should win our K-pop Showdown.

Vote for BIGBANG if you think they should win our K-Pop Showdown! They’re one of three acts nominated in the final group round of the K-Pop Showdown. You can vote for them HERE.