Probably one of the most underrated groups in k-Pop, f(x) has been a girl group from SM Entertainment since 2009.

Unlike some girl groups on the K-Pop spectrum, f(x) are definitely one of the vanguard acts of K-pop in that there is nobody really doing exactly what they do.  Since their debut, f(x) has released four full-length albums, two EPs, and one repackaged album.

On October 16 2016, their music video for “Electric Shock” surpassed 100 million views on YouTube, making f(x) the third Korean girl group, and sixth Korean group overall to reach this milestone. The group is composed of four members: Victoria, Amber, Luna and Krystal. Originally a five-piece group, Sulli left the group in August 2015 and after the release of 4 Walls in the same year, unfortunately, they’ve yet to make a comeback.

The members have pursued various solo activities in the time since. Krystal and Victoria have pretty successful acting careers with Victoria making her debut in Mainland Chinese TV series this year. Luna also appears in musicals and recently released her second solo single this year Night Reminiscin’. Amber, in this year alone, released a solo mixtape in English, Rogue Rouge, and a music video for one track, “Closed Doors”, on YouTube, with plans to release a total of six videos. In July, she signed with Steel Wool Entertainment to promote in the United States through singing, acting, as well as directing videos while her Korean activities are still managed by SM Entertainment.  

Here are our top f(x) songs:

“Electric Shock”

“4 Walls”


If you’re not sleeping on f(x) like it sometimes feels like the rest of the world is, vote for them in our K-Pop Showdown. They’re one of three acts nominated in the first group round of the K-Pop Showdown. You can vote for them HERE.