Mamamoo hit the scene in with their debut single ‘Mr Ambiguous’. With soulful singing and catchy vocal runs, it’s easy to see why the retro-inspired track was hailed by multiple critics as one of the best K-Pop debuts in 2014. Prominent South Korean musicians also appear in the video alongside the four-piece girl group.

According to their label Rainbow Bridge World (Formerly WA Entertainment), the band name ‘Mamamoo‘ comes from ‘mama’, the concept being that ‘mama’ is one of the first words spoken.

The girls have gone on to tell South Korean radio show ‘Cultwo Show, ‘”It signifies the sound that babies make. ‘MAMA’ means mother. So it means that we want to approach our listeners organically and instinctively with our music.”

With a reputation for strong vocal ability and performance skills, Mamamoo continue to rise in popularity having earned their first #1 on the Billboard World Album charts in 2017 amongst winning a string of awards in South Korea, and even Brazil.

Earlier in 2018, the group announced their project series ‘Four Seasons’, the goal being to release four albums, each with a colour to align with each band member. As part of this project, their single ‘Starry Night’ taken from their sixth EP ‘Yellow Flower’ was filmed entirely in New Zealand, featuring stunning scenery and showcasing a more mature side to the groups musical style, as was their intention with their newest releases.

So what do you think? Do you think Mamamoo is the best K-Pop Group of all time? They’re one of three acts nominated in the first group round of the K-Pop Showdown. You can vote for them HERE.

Image Source: RBW Entertainment