Originally a five-piece group, SHINee was formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. They’ve been dubbed “Princes of K-Pop” and have been considered to be one of the best in terms of live vocals and are known for their highly synchronised and complex dance routines.

Not many K-pop group acts see success as soon as they debut but SHINee, with their debut single “Replay”, is one of the exceptions. It remains a representative song for K-Pop in 2008. Even after 10 years, they’ve continued to reinvent themselves and remain innovative in their performances. They have become some of K-Pop’s most respected performers and their ability to take ownership of any music style has led the way for several music genres to thrive in South Korea. Their consistent releases showcase their flexibility and experimental sound. Dazed Magazine has described SHINee with words such as “technicolour visuals”, “choreography as coordinated as ballet” and “wildly adventurous hit songs”, and Paste Magazine has said SHINee is a group “with cutting-edge dance moves that are just as technically creative as the songs they’ve performed”.

Their latest trio of albums come as a commemoration, not only for their 10-year anniversary but also for member Jonghyun who, unfortunately, passed away in December last year.

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“Ring Ding Dong”

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