It’s only been three years since this group debuted but TWICE is definitely no-brainer when it came to who to include for our K-Pop Showdown. TWICE rose to fame in 2016 with their single “Cheer Up”: the song charted at number 1 on the Gaon Digital Chart and became the best-performing single of the year. It also won “Song of the Year” at two major music awards shows—Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Their single “TT” followed that success by claiming the top spot in the charts for four consecutive weeks. Their EP, Twicecoaster: Lane 1, was the highest selling K-pop girl group album of 2016, which sold 350,852 copies by year-end. In just little more than a year and a half after their debut, Twice sold over 1.2 million copies of their four EPs and special album.

The nine-member girl group have exploded onto the scene with their earworm tunes, absolutely nailing the cute concept and easy-to-dance choreography.  As well as having being part of a reality show on Youtube, they’ve also hopped on the social media train, giving fans a glimpse into their private life, engaging with them and to see their diverse personalities. Of the nine members, three are from Japan and one is from Taiwan, which has allowed them to extend so much further into the market. 

Here are our top song picks for TWICE:



“What is Love?

Their popularity isn’t likely to be coming down any time soon. So will you be voting for TWICE? They’re one of three acts nominated in the third group round of the K-Pop Showdown. You can vote for them HERE.