Gil and Gary – two native-born Koreans – their music has a different tone and texture. Their voices are deep and unmistakably distinct, but they draw from a wide range of musical styles, especially that “easy listening” variety that marks much of Korea’s older popular music. From samba, soft rock, smooth jazz, hard hitting hip hop; from shades of global folk music to beat boxing- and their featuring artists span K-rock and indie, along with hip hop.

If you are interested in their evolution, start with their breakout album Library of Soul (2005) and then work your way up through their discography. But if you are in a hurry, skip straight to Asura Balbalta (2011) and Unplugged (2012), their last albums released under Jungle Entertainment – the former will give you a good sense of their range and style, and then the latter will blow your mind as they take their artistry up to eleven. Let the MV for Someday ft. Yoon Do Hyun (lead singer from rock band YB) give you a sample – this track was so hot, it lead to a national tour with YB.

LeeSSang Company’s first independent release came in 2014 with Gary’s potent first solo EP, Mr. Gae. The mini album is a jaw-dropper for anyone who only knew him as one half of “Monday Couple” on the popular variety show, Runningman; and Shower Later might hold a record for greatest number of phallic symbols in a single music video, Korean or otherwise.

LeeSSang reemerged as a duo earlier this summer and debuted a new rookie artist, Mi-woo, with a soft EDM-shaded digital single called Kaleidoscope. The last lady rookie LeeSSang debuted was Jung In back in 2002 and she has become a core collaborator for them and has a solid solo career of her own — this should bode well for rookie Mi-woo.

And now Gary is back with a full solo studio album, 2002 (2015) – and an ever deepening richness of sound. The lead single is Get Some Air ft. Mi-woo, but it’s the album’s otherworldly first track, He’ll Do Well Anyway (어차피 잘 될 놈) ft. Koonta that will grab your attention and command your respect – and the rest of 2002 will keep your ears invested till the very end.