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Seoul “hybrid punk” band Patients toured the UK from May 25 – June 5, playing at the Liverpool Sound City music festival and doing several club shows. Whilst there, bassist and vocalist Sumin Jo recorded the band’s adventures for us with an exclusive tour diary for Hello Asia!

May 24, 2016

Photo 1

Here’s a photo of us after rehearsing at Vulcan Studio in Liverpool the day before our first gig. We played really hard during this practice. Look how sweaty our drummer Soowon is!

May 25, 2016

Photo 2

Here we are performing at The Live Rooms in Chester. This was the first show of our UK tour. A Korean guy who lives and works in Chester came to the show. He told us that he found out about the gig from a poster for it outside of the venue. It was the first time he’d heard of a Korean band playing in Chester so he wanted to check us out. After the show he took us out for drinks, which was really awesome of him. And some K-pop fans came to see us play here too. We’re not a K-pop band, but they still enjoyed our music and performance. This was a really good way to start off our UK tour and we were really grateful for everyone’s support.

May 26, 2016

Photo 3

Here’s a live shot of us from Manchester. We played as part of an all-Korean bill at Night & Day Cafe. The organizer of the show is an awesome guy named Mark. Mark works with a UK artist named Jon Byrne, and both he and Jon came to Seoul last year for Zandari Festa. Mark liked the Korean bands he saw during the festival and decided to put this concert on in Manchester. It was a lot of fun getting to play together on a bill with our friends from Seoul.

May 27, 2016

Photo 4

Here we are hanging out in Whitchurch before our gig at Percy’s Cafe Bar. Our show that night at Percy’s was small but a lot of fun. The venue was one of the most memorable places we’ve played in the UK and the crowd and staff treated us great.

Photo 5

May 29, 2016

Today we played at one of our favourite music festivals in the world, Liverpool Sound City! This was our third straight year performing at the fest. We love this festival so much and always have a fantastic time as both artists and music fans while we’re there. After our set we got to meet up with Jon Byrne and Mark (who as we mentioned before, organized a concert in Manchester for us). Above is a photo of me hugging Jon. Mark suggested that Patients and Jon should actually collaborate on something, which we would love to do. I hope this happens. I think it would be a blast!

After Liverpool Sound City, we went back to our hotel. But there were too many people on the street so we couldn’t get a taxi. We walked back to our hotel and it took about an hour to do so. Soowon had to carry a heavy drum set the whole way. We walked with another Korean band named DTSQ and it was fun to spend time on the streets of Liverpool together. But Soowon was dead tired by the time we arrived at the hotel.

May 31, 2016

Photo 6

Today we played in London at Windmill Brixton. The venue had good sound and a bad smell. We really enjoyed ourselves there. A bunch of people who had seen us play during our previous UK tours came out to catch us during this show and it was awesome to get to hang out with all of them again.

June 5, 2016

Photo 7

We played the last gig of our tour at Bar 42 in Worthing. Bar 42 is a cool place and is located right in front of the beach. It was awesome getting to hang out on the beach and enjoy the fresh sea air before the concert started. Lots of people walking around there were wearing t-shirts and some had shorts on. But as you can see we were all wearing pants and long sleeves. I’m guessing we must have looked a bit strange to some people, but that’s okay! We were happy.

Photo 8

Our show that night was fun. During our performance, someone passed me a pint of beer and I drank it all in one shot. Then someone else passed me another pint and I chugged that one too. After chugging two pints in a row, I was feeling sick. I didn’t want to stop the show so I just gave it my all and sang really loud and jumped high. But as the last song was ending I ran through the crowd with my bass and went right outside of the bar. It looked really rock ‘n’ roll, but it was just me needing some fresh air because I wasn’t feeling well at all! I felt a lot better once I got outside, though.

While we were playing, Noisferatu, who headlined the night’s bill, drew a picture of us. That was super cool of him to do and his drawing is now hanging in our studio in Seoul.

We had a fantastic time playing in the UK and are excited to share that we’ll be returning to London soon to play as part of the K-Music Festival 2016. We’ll perform on September 27 at Rich Mix with Idiotape. In the meantime, here’s a short video showing some of the things we did in the UK during our most recent tour.

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