Crowd at A$AP Rocky's show-58

Loving something so passionately might be easy but being a fan girl is certainly no easy task. You take on the responsibility to spread the love and positively promote your idols to everyone around. We understand it’s easy to get carried away when having fun engaging with and sharing various content with each other.

Don’t fret, we are here to help. With this we hope you’d remember to be ethical and rational when it comes to supporting your favourite idols.

1. Safety first.

No matter what, think before you act. Do not do anything that would potentially harm yourself, your idols and fellow fans. Pushing others and desperately groping your idols in concert are not only uncool, they could be dangerous too.

2. Idols are human too.

Respect their decisions, rights and privacy. Remember they are human before they are idols. They get tired too after 12 hours flight, and have the rights to get upset if you as a fan did anything unethical.

3. Idols are not responsible for your life.

While often times your oppas and nunas give you endless encouragements, they are not responsible for your life. Have other interests and hobbies outside your K-Pop fandom, keep busy at school and work, travel and work hard on your dreams.

4. Respect other fan clubs.

Form bonds with other fan clubs, fairly support and spread love not hate. Expanding networks, working together with other fan clubs through collaborative projects would help increase exposure and audience reach.

5. Show support through positive means.

As you represent your idols, make sure you show your overflowing love and support for them positively, legally and rationally. Help your favourite oppas and nunas gain recognition and love worldwide and make them proud through exemplary behaviour such as joining positive support, voluntary and charity projects under their names.

Pretty easy aren’t they?