It is not every day that you can say that BLACKPINK is actually in your area.

For thousands of BLINKs across Melbourne, that recently became a reality. The girls were finally in Australia for their In Your Area tour, and fans across the city converged upon Rod Laver Arena on Thursday night to see their favourite quartet in action.

The lines for General Admission and merchandise wrapped around the iconic arena for hours before the show; everyone was eager to see their queens up close, armed with fan banners, Pyong Bong in-hand.

As is customary at every BLACKPINK concert, KRUNK made an appearance before the show. The question on everyones lips: who was underneath the blue, bear-like exterior this time?

Some thought KRUNK was Rosé.

While others were convinced that it was Lisa.

Meanwhile, streams of BLINKs were finding their seats in the sold out venue.

For a few hundred lucky BLINKs with a keen eye, they saw the girls watching their adoring audience from above before they were due to appear on stage.

Before too long, the lights dimmed to a riotous applause, and BLACKPINK stormed the stage in an electrifying start, hitting us all with that ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’.

The show was spectacular, the girls’ shining as they each played to each of their remarkable strengths. However, the concert was made all the more special for one particular member and the whole of the Melbourne audience; Rosé was back home.

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the show was her cover of Skylar Grey’s vocal feature in the song ‘Coming Home’. Not only did the song highlight the true strength of her vocal ability, but its relevance to her homecoming show had the crowd in tears.

This emotional performance was followed by the iconic ‘Swalla’ dance, a masterful, yet unbelievably sexy routine from none other than Lisa Manoban.

Meanwhile, Jennie was attacking everyone left, right, and centre.

Amongst all of this, Jisoo was as wonderful (and as cute) as ever; our girl commanded our attention at all times, whether that be through her impeccable vocals, stunning stage presence, or the down-right adorable interactions she had with her fellow members.

We were happy that you were all here too, Jisoo (now, come back soon, so that we can all go on that Macca’s run).