With just over a week to go before iKON touch down in Sydney and Melbourne for their first Australian tour, we thought we’d give everyone the lowdown about what to expect at their shows.

Who is iKON?

iKON are a seven piece K-Pop boy band. They were formed by YG Entertainment as part of the company’s reality show ‘Win: Who is Next’, where the first six members were known as ‘Team B’. In 2014, Team B appeared in another reality survival program ‘Mix and Match’ where their seventh member was introduced to the line up. After what looks like to be a vigorous training schedule and battle of survival, the band has gone on to win a plethora of awards in Korea and internationally since their debut album release in 2015.


B.I is the leader and lead rapper of the group. He’s also credited as a songwriter and producer for the bands debut release and following singles. Bobby is the 2nd rapper.

Jinhwan is the main vocalist alongside Yunhyeong, Junhoe and Chanwoo.


iKON have released two studio albums, two EP’s and eleven singles. Their music fits into the K-Pop mould with catchy melodies and hooks, yet the band also explores a softer side with their latest single ‘Goodbye Road’ featuring luscious string arrangements and softer vocals alongside the raps. Their 2018 hit ‘Love Scenario’ has been described as ‘The Song of The Year’ as it gained mass popularity, even amongst children, because of it’s simplistic melodies and lyrics.

Debut Song: My Type
Breakthrough Song: Rhythm Ta
Standout Hits: Love Scenario, Killing Me, Bling Bling
Current Releases: Goodbye Road

What to expect:

An absolutely amazing stage show. The band themselves participated in the VCR directing and stage composing. Aside from seeing the group onstage together, Aussie fans will also be treated to individual performances by B.I and Bobby as well as the four singers of the band singing as a quartet. Expect the big hits and more.

Important Details:

Thursday October 25 – Big Top Luna Park, Sydney

Tickets available from Big Top Sydney

Saturday October 27 – Festival Hall, Melbourne

Tickets available from Ticketmaster