Twice Halloween

Despite its Celtic origins and popularisation in North America, Halloween festivities have spread around the world and South Korea is no exception! Halloween is becoming an increasingly important period on the K-pop calendar and it’s fun for both idols and fans as we are treated to the absurd, cute and sometimes actually scary looks they pull off. Here are just a few of my favourite spooky sartorial choices this year!


The boys from GOT7 probably kicked down a couple of walls as they made a Marvel-lous entrance to Music Bank last week. I think Jackson makes for a particularly fine Thor! Yugyeom seemed happy to let his hyungs do the dressing up but his outfit doesn’t make for a half bad Black Widow costume either. Just saying.

GOT7 Halloween

Xiumin (EXO)

Xiumin from EXO took on one of the most terrifying dolls in popular culture, Chucky. Let’s hope that this voodoo isn’t permanent…

Xiumin Halloween

Yoona and Yuri (SNSD)

Mickey and Minnie have never looked so good, thanks to Yoonyul!

Yoonyul Halloween

Jin (BTS)

BTS threw a pretty “dope” Halloween party, the live broadcast of which was watched by almost 800,000 fans worldwide! Although all the boys looked fantastic, I greatly enjoyed Jin’s adorable pumpkin persona (as is only fitting for the head chef of BTS) and…

Jin Halloween
Suga (BTS)

Suga of course! Although I’m not sure how his love of sleep would work out if he was a real ninja.

Suga Halloween
Chen (EXO) and Yeri (Red Velvet)

Chen and Yeri paired up to take on Halloween, Harry Potter style! I don’t have much else to say other than the fact that they look adorable – maybe too adorable to battle the Dark Lord.

Chen Yeri

And the Harry Potter theme continues with JYP’s latest girl group, Twice! If they didn’t previously cast a spell over you during their survival show ‘Sixteen’, get ready to be charmed.

Twice Halloween
Sooyoung (SNSD)

Sooyoung was feeling a little blue as Sadness from Inside Out. She also stayed in character throughout SM’s Halloween Party – maybe an Oscar for her acting would cheer her up!

Monsta X

Monsta X had fans swooning with their Dracula outfits but kudos for their commitment to the role (ouch…).

Monsta X Halloween

Whether you like Minions or not, you can’t deny that N.Flying just made yellow turtlenecks a whole lot cuter.

N Flying Halloween
Topp Dogg

Topp Dogg are feeling ‘The Beat’, zombie style. If you thought zombies can’t dance you’re about to be proved wrong.

Melody Day

LOEN’s rookie group Melody Day gave Halloween a foodie twist with their rather delectable costumes, condiments and all.

Melody Day
Key and Onew (SHINee)

And last but not least, my two fast food (and SHINee) favourites united in the name of Halloween. I also enjoyed the fact that Onew managed to transform his love for chicken into a great dress-up opportunity that reflected his personality!

Key Onew
Unfortunately, events turned a little ugly after the photo was taken. If things ever get horrifying during Halloween, I’d say that fried chicken falling on the floor beats them all.

Happy Halloween everybody!