Here are the Seven Things We Learned about GOT7 from their FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE IN USA 2017.

  1. Jinyoung reports his first impression of Jackson made him think of a Hong Kong actor like Chow Yun Fat.
  2. While all members profess that IGot7s are their ideal type, Jackson pronounced that his ideal type is a girl who will love only Jackson! And she’ll be a lucky girl too, if they way he treated his hacky sack partner is any indication.
  3. BamBam is a confidence king and at home in his own skin. When given the choice to be any American artist, BamBam passed, saying “I’ll be me.”
    Yugyeom remains unable to shake the burden of Sexy Dance demonstrator, much to the delight of everyone else on and off stage.
  4. Mark is a hacky sack god (relative to other members) and undeniably GOT7’s most lithe dancer.
  5. JB is a film buff and currently obsessed with movie musical “LaLaland!”
  6. Youngjae welcomed former American Idol contestant Elliott Yamin to the concert (seated center of the lower balcony) and confessed he passed his JYP audition singing Yamin’s “Wait for You.”

So dear IGot7s: Any new or surprising details revealed here? What unasked questions are you dying to know?