Have you ever wondered how K-Pop idols would sound singing their hits in a different language? We have put together a list of some of the best K-Pop songs that is sung by your idols in Chinese!

With EXO-M and UNIQ singing Chinese versions of their albums as well, VIXX expanding into China with their Chinese version of “Chained Up” and BTS with “Boy In Luv” in Mandarin, there isn’t much for fans to complain about!

EXO-M’s Growl:


VIXX’s Chained Up:

BTS’ Boy In Luv:

Onto the girl groups f(x), Miss A and Wonder Girls have Chinese versions of their hit songs, ‘Lollipop’, ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Be My Baby’ respectively!

f(x)’s Lollipop featuring MIC:

Miss A’s Goodbye Baby:

Wonder Girl’s Nobody:

But brace yourselves as another girl group has released a Chinese version of their smash hit! AOA‘s “Heart Attack” is the latest song to be circulating for a couple of days around YouTube and Twitter. Even though there is no official music video, Army of Angels (an international subbing team for AOA) released the audio with subtitles for fans to enjoy!

What do you think of AOA’s singing? Do you fans have any opinions about idol groups expanding into China by singing Chinese versions of their smash hits?