YouTube FanFest Manila

Are you having YouTube FanFest Manila withdrawals? You’re not alone!

It’s no surprise how popular YouTube is and here’s a list of things we learned during the FanFest.

1. #BringYouTubersToManila started it all

A Filipino YouTuber was attending the YTFF in Singapore back in 2015 and she wanted Philippines to have its own YTFF so she tweeted the hashtag and with some help it trended and the rest is history.

2. YouTube FanFest Manila tickets sold out after 4 minutes

This is not a surprise though right?

3. Lining up as early as 6:30AM is a norm

You weren’t thinking of lining up later than that right? You must be joking!

4. Tyler Ward loves the Philippines so much that he wrote a song about it and performed at the YTFF conference

It goes something like this “I love the Philippines you have all my favorite food to eat and everybody is so sweet. Yes I love the Philippines

5. Connor Franta fans dominated the FanFest 

Everytime fans were asked which YouTuber they were looking forward to see, most of them screamed Connor’s name on top of their lungs

6. WilNina’s chemistry is too strong to ignore

When Wil Dasovich and Janina Vela was seen back stage of the pre-show stage, fans started screaming and once the two came up on stage and laughed and whispered to each other, fans can’t hide their ‘kilig’ because of the two. Both of them also spent hours taking pictures, hugging and giving video greets to all their fans!

7.  Alex Wassabi’s dad caught him with ex-girlfriend dancing to “Single Ladies”

Alex played Truth-Or-Dare on stage and he chose truth, he had to share something embarrassing that his parents caught him doing

8. Wengie, Tiffany Alvord and Tanner Patrick sang the famous “Ang Tatlong Bibe” led by Lloyd Cafe Cadena

Let’s just say it was so adorable!

9. It’s weird if you weren’t vlogging your day

I mean, right?

10. YouTube FanFest after party was lit because of DJ Tom Taus

Need I say more?

Photo by YouTube FanFest Manila