C-Pop & Taiwanese superstar A-Lin performed at the Sydney leg of her “Sonar World Tour” at Sydney Olympic Sports Centre.  Here are Ten Things We Learnt About A-Lin from that special night.


1. A-Lin is a humble and lovely singer who thinks of her fans as her friends

2. She has an amazing powerhouse voice which wowed everyone in the audience

3. Her English is A-OK! A-Lin sung a beautiful rendition of “Officially Missing You” for her Sydney fans


4. “I Am A Singer” gave A-Lin a chance to sing on the stage for the first time with her father even though he didn’t support her music career at first

5. She is hugely grateful to her fans, those who have been with her through her first steps as a singer, her time with “I Am A Singer” and those who have fallen in love with her songs throughout her journey

6. A-Lin still gets a little nervous when she gets on the stage but her love and passion for singing shines through when she performs for her fans

7. Her lucky number is seven!


8. Scratch that, it’s now eight**

9. She loves to sing along with the crowd at her concerts

10. She loves to keep secrets – she brought along an amazing secret guest, fellow performer Xiaoyu to entertain the crowd during a quick break


**In lieu of an encore, A-Lin graced us with acapella renditions of audience requests. After a little stumble, she decided to give us an eighth song with her band and backup singers!

Photos by Johnny Au