B.A.P returned to the Big Top stage in Sydney this evening for their Live On Earth Tour and it was clear that they’ve matured into even stronger performers than we saw back in 2014. They had us “feeling so good” all concert long!

Here are ten things we learnt about the boys amidst our crazy screaming, mimicking hip thrusts and generally being happy-ing.

  1. Australian BABYz were MORE than ready to welcome B.A.P back after their first concert here two years ago (too long to wait!). MATOKI LIGHTSTICKS AT THE READY!
  1. B.A.P with a live DJ and full drum kit is AWESOME. Really gave their songs more of a metal rocker feel, which definitely worked for songs like “Warrior”, “No Mercy” and “1004 Angel”. They even started a chant of “We Will Rock You” at one point. Maybe they’ve had a chance to see the musical whilst they’ve been here in Sydney?
  1. B.A.P have no no no MERCY! They pushed through song after song without seeming to show signs of their jet lag, hitting all their strong notes and power dance moves.
  1. At one point Himchan did this guttural growl like he was a member of Slip Knot or something and boy. It was *thumbs up*
  1. “Bad Man” was so INCREDIBLE live! They had a slight remix to it and it just made the dance moves even stronger. It was really effective as they had the backup dancers doing the traditional “scarecrow” move at the back whilst they did more active moves in front. It was probably my favourite song of the evening.
  1. My favorite moment of the evening though was Zelo’s BEAUTIFUL dance solo. He moved across the stage as graceful a contemporary dancer as you could ever find. His long limbs extended each movement and his ease at forward flipping left the crowd’s eyes sparkling in awe.
  1. The vocal line is seriously something else, from Jongup’s emotional solo, to Youngjae’s sexy “slow motion”, to Daehyun’s knock-out holds at the end of “With You”, they’re really amongst the best in the k-pop game.
  1. B.A.P know how to have FUN! And be HAPPY! They’re known perhaps for being the powerful moody bad boys, but their songs like “Feel So Good”, “Be Happy” and “Dancing in the Rain” are easily some of their best and the crowd loves them. Especially “Dancing in the Rain”, that was pure happy magic.
  1. They’re a bunch of charmers. Daehyun called us beautiful, Youngjae said we (and himself) are so good looking, and Himchan just went all out and said Australian BABYz are hot. Right back at you B.A.P! But they also wanted us to know that “happiness is right next to us”, or for us to see the happiness everywhere around us. Real Prince Charmings are B.A.P 🙂
  1. B.A.P are the Best Absolute Perfect and we can’t wait for their third trip to Australia. Australian BABYz are “Forever With You”! Good Luck as the first K-Pop act in Auckland boys!