We know most of you are probably not ready to go back to work and/or studies after partying hard with Bigbang in Melbourne. We woke up thinking of the gorgeous bad boys, spent the day replaying fan videos and going through numerous photos from Wednesday too. It was an unforgettable night for us all, and we are already looking forward to have them back in town!

Here are the ten thing we learnt about Bigbang from first ever concert in Australia.

10. Witnessing 50 shades of Seungri got us thinking: if Seungri weren’t in Bigbang, he’d probably be a comedian.

From sexy and serious Seungri to funny, ridiculous and almost embarrassing (at one point G-Dragon couldn’t hold his laughter anymore, he gave up and covered his face when Seungri couldn’t stop talking), we’ve seen them all. We all know how funny this boy could get sometimes, but knowing and seeing are two different things. We are both amazed and glad to see his true colours show but Seungri, you really got us there – we almost thought we wouldn’t hear G-Dragon talk that night.

9. Daesung is a handsome and sexy happy pill everyone needs in their life.

We know Daesung is a happy pill we need in our life, what we didn’t know though was how handsome and sexy he is in real life. We love seeing his beautiful Colgate smile throughout the show, and couldn’t help dying a little bit inside every time he thrust his hip during “Bang Bang Bang”. Oh have we mentioned how impressive his drumming was?

8. We can’t decide which performance we love best but “Good Boy”, “Crooked”, “Fantastic Baby” and “Haru Haru” performances are so on point. 

“Good Boy”, “Crooked” and “Fantastic Baby” are the perfect songs to hype up any party and every VIPs should see these performances at least once in their lifetime. No words could every amount to how amazing they are live. As for “Haru Haru”, no Bigbang concert would be complete without the legendary song that makes the group. Thank you boys for including it Melbourne’s setlist. Now we can die happy, really.

7. If VIP were a real nation, the anthem would be “Fantastic Baby”.

Wait, actually scratch that. Let’s make it “Bang Bang Bang”. Or would “We Like 2 Party” be more suitable? Oh we really can’t decide. What do you guys think?

6. We found out about Bigbang’s hidden superpower: turning people into an absolute fan of no return.

Concert? No, we’d rather call it a private party with Bigbang because it really just was! It was an amazing experience to sing and dance along with the boys. We had the best time of our lives and the gorgeous boys looked like they did too! We totally love how amazing they are at bringing up the hype, having Bigbang boys in every party would be a dream come true.

There is no point of return, once a VIP always a VIP. That’s absolute.

5. Bigbang’s capability and professionalism is unquestionable.

We are absolutely sure that no soul in this world dare to question Bigbang’s ability and professionalism. Not after they showed Melbourne how they’d party hard and left the city with a BIG BANG for sure! The boys proved to be impressive and dedicated performers. Gladly showcasing fans only the best of their songs and dance moves, the boys ensured wonderful theatrical show that is worth every penny. Imagine the amount of work and preparation needed to put together such fantastic show to perfection.

4. Taeyang is everyone’s ideal type. He is second to none.

Apart from being a sexy dancer and dedicated artist, he is unbelievable handsome and gorgeous. He has the perfect body and mannerism, and his ad-lib is to die for! What’s not to like? We can’t think of any reasons why he is not the ideal man every girl wish to introduce to their parents.

3. T.O.P should be a legit adjective word because we couldn’t find a word in the dictionary to perfectly describe this one flawless being.

If you could find another word to describe the gorgeous, tall, delicious looking, 4-dimensional yet classy creature who’s blessed with a perfectly sexy voice, extreme talented for rap music and appreciation for fine arts, let us know.

2. The force is strong with G-Dragon’s hot and cold game.

Remember the time when Taeyang told us all about G-Dragon’s secret technique to get girls crazy all over him? Yes, we’ve experienced it first hand. He was all cool and charismatic one moment and surprised us with explosion of cuteness and charming smiles the next. G-Dragon, quit playing games with our hearts please.

1. T.O.P’s brain comment is the highlight of the concert!

When Taeyang was busy distributing his hearts to everyone, T.O.P decided to throw his fist symbolising his brain to the crowd – amusing the whole arena. And we super love the way Taeyang neatly wrap up the ment with a witty reply “So, you have no brain now?”.

Witnessing the different shades of Bigbang’s personalities and talents at the concert make us feel a lot closer to them. We are so amazed at the amount of work and effort put in to curate such successful and intimate show, and totally can’t wait to have them back in Melbourne! Thank you Bigbang for the wonderful experience!

Photo courtesy of BIGBANG Facebook page