Well Day 1 of the BIGBANG concerts in Sydney (the boys first ever time performing in Australia!) just ended, and boy was the (long) wait worth it. Let’s just say this VIP will probably be sleeping with a crown-shaped lightstick nightlight for a while.

Cass is going to have a full review of the concert soon, but for now- here are 10 of my observations from Day 1 of BIGBANG’s Made Tour in Sydney!

10. Everyone’s got a lot better at English

Well Seungri of course would never let something as trivial as a language barrier stop him from yapping away, but even Daesung (who is hilarious) and TOP (whose English accent is HOT) have improved.

9. From Haru Haru to Bang Bang Bang

In the live concert news songs sounded so familiar and the old sounded new again. It’s a really well balanced concert, and I think having the live band has a lot to do with keeping the consistency across the discography.

8. Dance Dance Dance… Da Da Dance

I personally think GD is very underrated as a dancer cause that boy can bust out some fantastic movements. Taeyang of course is all into it. TOP’s pretty much Choom TOP though, no change there (not that we’d want that).

7. Seungri literally cannot stop talking

He was loving the crowd and the crowd him- yelling at us to scream louder, making jokes about Melbourne to us (they know, lol) and excitingly swearing and telling us all how he’s going to tell his mother, father, cousin, whoever!, that Sydney is the best. Thanks VI, we love you too!

6. Daesung’s big reveal

“Do you guys want to see my… f**king big… … … Eyes?”

5. BIGBANG shines individually as well as a group

I personally felt that the solo pieces were the highlight of the concert, showing how each member of BIGBANG is just as solid an artist individually as they are together.

4. Speaking of which…

TOP’s Doom Dada live is life. LIFE.

3. Taeyang is the sun

There’s some magnetic force that shifts your gaze to Taeyang when he’s on stage, maybe his dance moves, maybe the fact that he is just so strong vocally live, maybe its just the fact the cameramen really love him and pan on him more often… Whatever it is, I felt like he was the centre of the concert. And Eyes, Nose, Lips live? Woah.

2. G-Dragon

When GD tells the crowd to stand up, they stand up. Immediately.

1. They seem genuinely really happy to finally be in Australia

This was the boy’s first time visiting and performing in Australia and they kept asking us if we missed them (presumably asking if we had been wanting them to come, since we can’t miss you when you hadn’t ever come before Taeyang!) and telling us how happy they were to finally be in Australia. Cue Seungri telling everyone that it’s the best. Again.

It’s true though, BIGBANG- we are! Please…baby come back!

Photo by Johnny Au