Boyfriend JJCC

Fantasy visual boy group Boyfriend and Jackie Chan’s JJCC touched down in Sydney and performed at Carriagework’s “K-Pop Party 2016” last night. As it was both groups first Australian visit (and JJCC member Prince Mak’s homecoming) an ecstatic group of fans greeted them as they hit the stage. Here’s what their fans learnt last night:

10. All the boys showed lots of love for Australia! There were plenty of “Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi”s, endless professions of Australia being beautiful, of wanting to live here (that can be arranged boys), drawings of kangaroos, playing of animal charades with crocodiles and koalas, and even waving of the Australian flag!

9. Real talk. Prince Mak and the boys serenading Prince Mak’s mother with “Be Good” was possibly the cutest thing ever. He hasn’t seen her in about 4 years and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

8. Eddy is pretty much the ultimate multitalented multitasker- singer, rapper (he’s the real slim eddy-em), dancer, translator, martial artist, chef, visual…

7. JJCC’s Fire is so good live that it’s worth doing twice. At the start, as the encore, Fire all the time. The roof was on Fire! (metaphorically Carriageworks, deep breaths)


6. From Donghyun’s Chaebol suit to Youngmin’s creepy doll clown shirt that stares deep into your soul… Boyfriend has got all the fashions!

5. To tell the twins apart one simply needs to call out their name and wait for their response, accordingly to the members. And they use their twin powers to do creepy twin faces. Those eyebrow faces from Witch? Expect them on stage.

4. Kwangmin is so 4D that even his Korean is to the point of being somewhat unintelligible. He’d probably be able to communicate well with BTS’s alien V. Lots of wide eyed staring. Damn the boy can draw though! His kangaroo was definitely the best (not much competition but still!)

3. Donghyun, despite all outwardly handsome appearances, is all crazy energetic squealing with endless English attempts. Cute *said like GOT7 Jackson*

2. All the boys tonight showed just how genuinely good they are with their fans. Lots of passionate fan service, and not in the normal body wave style but with a more warm smiles and happy waves style! I like it! (Not that I don’t enjoy a good body roll, but this style was nice too)

1. But really when it comes down to it we’re just so glad that they’re doing it all again tonight!