Kcon france Àü°æ3

KCON came to Paris on June 2, 2016, the first time ever for the event to land in Europe. With a star-studded line up featuring BTS, Block B, FTIsland, f(x), I.O.I, and SHINee, there was never a downtime. Here are Ten Things We Learned at KCON France.

10. KCON Paris celebrated the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and France. Vive la Corée! Vive la France!

9. The size of the convention featured only a fraction of the convention in the United States and did not sell any merchandise, but the Korean traditional culture was presented with an aesthetic touch. The minimalistic museum-like display of Korean traditional cuisine was especially beautiful.

8. Multinational KCON Paris attendees will lead you to think that you are attending a EU summit meeting. Just stand by and listen: you will hear British English, Spanish, Irish, Swedish, German—and the list goes on!

7. MC Lee Teuk appeared somewhat lonely without the platoon of his SUJU bros, but boy does he know how to work the crowd! He was the last one to stay on stage when the concert was over and cheered everyone up in the venue.

6. I.O.I is the newly crowned champion of aegyo! The girls were just so adorable but the crowd missed Somi, who could not appear on stage due to age restrictions (the French authorities did not grant youth of under 15 a work permit).

5. Taemin might be best known for his pretty face and faultless dance grooves, but he can really sing, too! His solo performance of Richard Sanderson’s “Reality,” a famous OST for the French hit film La Boum, melted everyone away. If you did not fall in love with this prince charming, you really got a heart of stone.

4. Both SHINee and f(x) were missing a member: Jonghyun and Victoria. But these K-pop gurus just know how to nail it either with or without a full lineup.

3. KCON regular Block B knows how to amuse you with their goofy stage persona. Zico was also briefly featured as a co-MC with Lee Teuk.

2. FT Island brought a fresh breath of air to the concert with their rock-ability. How often do we see a live band on K-pop stage anyway?

1. BTS burned the house down with Fire! The maddening cheer from the audience proved that they are the IT band of the moment.