Hello Asia writer Renee Goh has gone through each and every K-Pop debut in 2016 to present her 10 Underrated K-Pop Debuts this year. From the sweet Imfact to high profile Cosmic Girls, Renee’s list is a who’s who of future stars in K-Pop.

IMFACT (16.01.27)

IMFACT has five members under Star Empire and their fans are called “IF”! They have two title tracks at the moment, their debut, “LOLLIPOP” (롤리팝) which has me singing, “You are my lollipop girl,” and “You are my lollipop!” after listening to this catchy track!

And their latest track, “FEEL SO GOOD“!

Imfact’s Feel So Good:

They produced, wrote and choreographed the song, showing how talented they are! Meanwhile, I get “I feel so good good” stuck in my mind every time I play this track!

VOISPER (보이스퍼) (16.02.23)

VOISPER has four members under Evermore Entertainment and is the combination of the words ‘Voice’ and ‘Whisper’! Cute fun fact: All the members are born in 1996 and attended high school together and became best friends!

Their debut music video, IN YOUR VOICE” (그대 목소리로 말해줘) is a beautiful soothing harmonising song that will literally put me to sleep if I so wish! The lyrics are sweet, especially, “I love your voice more than I love naps” because if I place someone talking over my precious sleep, that is true love.

Their newest song, LEARN TO LOVE” (어쩌니) is an aesthetic filled music video coupled with their trademark amazing harmonisation!

WSJN/Cosmic Girls (우주소녀) (16.02.25)

WSJN is a 13 member group that debuted under Starship Entertainment with the song “MOMOMO”(모모모). Fun fact: The 13th member (added on 11th July) is Yoo Yeon Jung, a member from popular rookie girl group IOI!

Their most recent comeback, “SECRET” (비밀이야) is an aesthetic filled music video with a catchy chorus of a girl being afraid to confess her feelings, therefore keeping it a secret!

KNK (크나큰) (16.03.03)

KNK stands for Knocking on KPop or in simpler terms, the members want to become bigger (more well-known) in KPop. They are under YNB Entertainment and their fans are named “Tinkerbell”! They’re known as the tall vocalists in KPop as they all are 180cm or over, the tallest being 189cm!

Their newest comeback “U” was supposed to have a music video, however was scrapped as the company and members deemed that the video did not have high enough quality to be posted. As a result, the performance video was uploaded instead, showcasing their fluid dancing skills as well as singing.

MATILDA (마틸다) (16.03.17)

MATILDA is a quartet girl group that debuted under Box Entertainment. One of the members Haena, was formerly from the girl group Kiss & Cry and is also currently in another group named Bella. Their debut song, “MACARENA” is a cute and catchy song with the repeated chorus of ‘Macarena’!

Their newest comeback, “You Bad! Don’t Make Me Cry” (넌 Bad 날 울리지마) sounds like it has 4-5 songs mixed into the one song, allowing listeners to view the different types of music that these girls can produce!

MIXX (믹스) (16.05.03)

MIXX stands for Motivation, Impression, XX Chromosomes and are under the label Chiko Entertainment. They have 3 Chinese members and 1 Korean member. Interesting fact: Anna was meant to be in the group, but left before their debut on stage due to health reasons. Therefore in their debut music video “Oh Ma Mind”, there are 5 members, however on stage, there are only 4 members.

BOLBBALGAN4/BLUSHING YOUTH (볼빨간 사춘기) (16.04.22)

BolBBalgan4 is a female duo that debuted under Shofar Music. The older member, Ji Yoon is able to play the guitar and bass as well as rap and sing! Their debut song, “FIGHT DAY” (싸운날) is the perfect song to listen to when you’re trying to get over someone. “We fight and scream, break up and leave” explains the perfect and yet painful feelings of ending a relationship. However, the laid back feeling of the song places this as one of my favourite debut songs!

Their latest comeback, “TELL ME YOU LOVE ME” (볼빨간사춘기) would be the best song to solve all push and pull relationship problems. “If you like me or love me, just say yes yes yes, and then I’m your girlfriend and you’re my boyfriend” See how simple a relationship can be if someone is brave enough to take the first step?

BULLDOK (불독) (16.10.20)

This fierce five member girl group, BULLDOK debuted with the song, “WHY NOT” (어때요) under the label Kconic and their fans are called Hotdok. Four out of the five members were on Produce 101 and one of them is Topp Dogg’s sister! Hopefully we’ll see more of them in 2017!

HIGHTEEN (하이틴) (16.10.11)

HIGHTEEN is a four member girl group that debuted with the song “BOOM BOOM CLAP” (붐붐 클랩) under the entertainment company Illusion Entertainment. The song is catchy and the dance is easy and fun to learn with a bunch of friends!

VROMANCE (브로맨스) (16.07.12)

VROMANCE is a quartet vocal group under RBW Entertainment, dubbed as MAMAMOO’s brother group. They debuted this year, 2016 with the song, “SHE” (여자 사람 친구) and their fans are my second favourite name, Vroccoli! This is probably one of my favourite debuts of 2016, seeing as the song is about a group singing of their feelings for the female in the music video, Hwasa! She makes a cameo in the intro but that’s soon forgotten as the four members falsetto and harmonise their way into your heart!

That’s not the only song that showcases their vocals! They have also performed one of my favourite mashup songs that also includes one of the members rapping!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to venture into the deep abyss of K-Pop rookie goodness and enlighten yourself about underrated groups!