Refreshingly honest and uplifting, Terrace House: Opening New Doors centres around six people sharing a house in the picturesque mountains of Japan’s, Karuizawa. Previous series of the Japanese hit franchise have been based in Shonan (Kanagawa), Tokyo and Hawaii.

Unlike Western reality shows, the housemates are free to leave the house and do their own thing, so we get to see budding romances and dates gone wrong as each member seemingly, is there to find love. The show is also commentated by a group of hilarious panelists who are featured periodically throughout each episode.

On a side note, you’ll probably be wanting to add Karuizawa to your travel list for all of it’s quaint restaurants, shrines, ice-skating spots, and even a factory outlet mall where one member is scolded for spending money on his parents credit card after stating he wanted to be responsible and independent. It’s these kinds of conversations that make the show addictive as members make each other accountable to their goals and cheer each other on.

That being said, expect an entertaining amount of drama. From shared crushes and controversial kisses to full on arguments and occasional betrayal, this show serves up a healthy dose of scandal.

This season’s cast includes a professional hockey player, snowboarder and musician, as well as models and students, which seem to be a staple casting choice for the franchises’ ensemble.  Once you get through the initial ‘hello, nice to meet you’s’ that make up the beginning of the show, you’ll be hooked, following each members journey for long after the season ends.

While a new episode is aired each week in Japan, international fans have been receiving eight episode instalments throughout the year. With each season ending on a cliffhanger, now is the perfect time to start streaming in time for part six, rumoured to be released mid December.