Kat Czornij was at Seventeen‘s ‘Shining Diamonds‘ at Big Top Luna Park and she takes you on a SEVENTEEN word play about why they are so, so good.


Sydney Carats are really passionate- happily screaming along to all the lyrics and waving their Shining Diamonds lightsticks in the sky. Also the audience wardrobe seemed to be almost entirely comprised of Seventeen t-shirts!

Even though they’re relatively still shedding their Rookie fluff, they certainly don’t seem it on stage. The concert was really entertaining- as everyone knows in Kpop concert world its not just about the performances (although they’re certainly a big part of it), its also about the banter and the interactions and fan services. Seventeen’s already got this down pat.



Very into their sexy dances- we got some Mr Chu from Dino, some Sunmi’s 24hrs from Vernon, some sexy moves to a KIDS SONG from Mingyu, butt-scribing from The8 and a SUPER sexy dance to Jamelia’s Stop by Hoshi (naturally, from our Performance King). They’re a bit… experimental when it comes to the traditional Waltz though.

English speaking Joshua hosted most of the concert- even got himself a nice sparkly mic with his name on it. He did a fabulous job keeping everyone involved and things moving along, all naturally- you quite forgot the language barrier.


None of the favourite fan services were left out at this concert- we had all the sexy dances (as listed above), but we were also treated to aegyo, the running man challenge, One Direction songs, girl group dances, love bullets, kangaroo impersonations, handstands, rap battles (by the vocal team, naturally), serenades, maknae/hyung switches, piggybacks, staring contests…

The vocal line is undefeated in charades. And saw another well deserved rapid win in Sydney- crocodile, iPhone, marathon… bam bam bam. Scoups and the performance line not so clear on their “flower pot” interpretations though.


Endless amounts of confetti. Confetti all the time! Props to the concert designer. Also to the whole stage team who managed to pull random appropriate music for the boys from anywhere with little to no warning.

Easily some of the best choreography in Kpop, and just that little bit more effective because of the group’s larger numbers. Performances like Pretty U, Very Nice and Adore U and are just SO.GOOD live.

Now we just want them to come back again already. MANSAE MANSAE MANSAE!!