It’s almost April, but you can never be too late to recap the previous year, so this is a list (in debut date order) of my favourite 10 groups that debuted in 2017! (If you don’t agree with any of these groups, don’t worry, there are many other talented artists out there I haven’t been able to cram into this list!)

드림캐쳐 (DREAMCATCHER) – 13.01.17, Happy Face Entertainment

Fandom Name: Insomnia

Dreamcatcher has 7 members and have a unique rock/metal concept. Their debut was on Friday the 13th to support their horror themed debut. 5 members debuted at MINX in 2014, but announced they will re-debut under the new name Dreamcatcher with 2 new members (Handong and Gahyeon).

Debut song: “CHASE ME”

My favourite song is “날아올라 (FLY HIGH)”! The bass guitar reminds me of many anime opening vibes (can you blame my otaku heart?) and the music video continues giving me more and more questions unanswered following


하이라이트 (HIGHLIGHT) – 20.03.17, Around Us Entertainment

Fandom Name: Light

Highlight (originally debuted under the name Beast) has 5 members who write lyrics and produce their own songs, act in many dramas and musicals! Junhyung produced Highlight’s debut song “얼굴 찌푸리지 말아요 (PLZ DON’T BE SAD)”.

Their newest song, “어쩔 수 없지 뭐 (CAN BE BETTER)” charted 5th on Korean charts!

프리스틴 (PRISTIN) – 21.03.17, Pledis Entertainment

Fandom Name: HIgh

PRISTIN is a blend of the words “prismatic” (bright and clear) and “elastin” (flawless strength), and has 10 members who write and compose their own music. Nayoung, Roa, Yuha, Eunwoo, Rena, Kyulkyung and Xiyeon competed on Produce 101, and two members (Nayoung, Kyulkyung) were in I.O.I! At the moment, Kyla is on break due to health issues and she has returned to the US to recover.

Their debut song is “WEE WOO”.

My favourite song on the same album, Hi! Pristin, is “BLACK WIDOW”.

김청하 (KIM CHUNG-HA) – 21.04.17, M&H Entertainment

Kim Chung-ha is a well-known solo artist who finished 4th on Produce 101, qualifying for a spot in I.O.I. She actually almost quit dancing due to financial issues but was confident of her skills and convinced her parents to allow her to continue dancing.

Her solo debut song featuring Nucksal is “WHY DON’T YOU KNOW”.

My favourite song from her is “ROLLER COASTER”.

에이스 (A.C.E) – 23.05.17, Beat Interactive

Fandom Name: Choice

A.C.E stands for Adventure Calling Emotions and has 5 members. Jun and Chan joined The Unit while Donghun, Wow, and Jason joined MIXNINE. Their debut song is 선인장 (CACTUS) which gained a lot of attention due to them wearing hot pants to show off their dancing body lines. Leg goals that all of us wish we had, obviously!

Their newest song is “CALLIN'”

카드 (KARD) – 19.07.17, DSP Media

Fandom Name: Hidden Kard

KARD is a co-ed group with 4 members. The female members, Somin who was in Puretty from 2012-2014 then in April in 2015 as their leader for 9 months before finally debuting with KARD and Jiwoo who trained under FNC Entertainment for 2 years, then moved to DSP and trained for 2 months before debuting. The male members are J.Seph and BM who trained for 5 years and 4.5 years under DSP respectively.

Their official debut song is “YOU IN ME”.

My favourite song is “DON’T RECALL”. It is the perfect song when you’re trying to get over a friendship or a relationship, reminding you that sometimes, you shouldn’t try to use the good times to forget and cancel out the bad times. Not only that, it is entirely sung in English which means us international fans get to sing the correct lyrics for once!

더 로즈 (THE ROSE) – 03.08.17, J&Star Company

Fandom Name: Black Rose

The Rose is an indie band with a soft rock vibe. Predebut, 3 members (Hajoon, Dojoon and Jaehyeong) used to write their own music and release them on YouTube. They would perform on streets, busking usually around Hongdae, under the group name Windfall. Dojoon recruited Woosung, who he had met through a mutual friend, to become their fourth and final member.

Their debut song “SORRY” was penned by Hajoon.

Their newest song is called “좋았는데 (Like We Used To)”.

워너원 (WANNA ONE) – 07.08.17, YMC Entertainment

Fandom Name: Wannables

Wanna One is an 11 member group that burst into our hearts on the male version of Produce 101. The group has 1 member from Hotshot (Ha Sungwoon), 1 member from Nu’est (Hwang Minhyun) and they will be active for 1.5 years before disbanding at the end of December 2018.

My favourite songs are “에너제틱 (ENERGETIC)”, as it is a fun and upbeat song to dance to, and “BEAUTIFUL”, as the vocals and rap work well to present a emotional song. Not to mention, Beautiful has an 8 minute movie version, where Kang Daniel and Ong Seongwoo show off their acting skills!



위키미키 (WEKI MEKI) – 08.08.2017, Fantagio

Weki Meki consists of 8 girls, who started out as i-Teen Girls under Fantagio i-Teen. 2 members (Yoo-jung and Do-yeon) competed in Produce 101 and were in I.O.I. Yoo-jung also takes part in writing lyrics for some songs inWeki Meki’s discography.

Their debut song, “I DON’T LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND” is an energetic song that is really catchy and fun to dance along to!

Their newest song “LA LA LA” is a flirty, entertaining song talking about having a crush on someone and wanting something to happen rather than just waiting around for romance to find them.

골든 차일드 (GOLDEN CHILD) – 28.08.2017, Woolim Entertainment

Golden Child had 11 members, however, due to one of the members (Jaeseok) leaving due to health issues, there are now 10. Daeyeol (leader of Golden Child) is the younger brother of Sungyeol, who has supported his debut proudly at Golden Child’s debut showcase. He’s stated cooly, “If there comes a situation when my brother Daeyeol is unable to stand on stage for some unavoidable reason, I will work part-time as his replacement,” drawing laughter from not only Daeyeol but the Golden Child members as well!

Their debut song is “담다디 (DAMDADI)” and it’s a seriously playful and catchy song! I went into an exam and had it stuck in my head while I was trying to remember everything about the human anatomy!

Golden Child recently had a comeback on the 13th March with “LADY”, singing about unrequited love.