Greeting fans a day ahead of their 2nd concert in Singapore, K-pop super girl group TWICE shared some snippets of their lives and concert preparation.

After an individual introduction of each member, TWICE girls shared their thoughts on returning to Singapore after a year. Singapore is the first Southeast Asia stop for TWICE 2nd concert – TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park, and all nine girls were happy to be back in the little red dot. Nayeon said that it was an honour to return to Singapore and to have the chance to perform at a larger venue. While Jihyo expressed her excitement to be performing at Singapore Indoor Stadium and meet twice the amount of Singapore ONCEs this time.

When asked about the theme of their concert and what they would do if they could design their own fantasy park, Sana mentioned that she would like to ride a rollercoaster with ONCEs in her fantasy park as she is a fan of roller coasters. Mina on the other hand, isn’t as adventurous. She’d prefer having a carousel near the stage so that ONCEs could still see their performances clearly.

TWICE members also shared their feelings about receiving the double platinum award in Japan. Leader Jihyo said that they are happy for their Japanese fans love and support for “TT”, a song Momo chose as her favourite TWICE’s songs because of its easy to follow dance moves.

TWICE girls next talked about the things they must have with them when travelling overseas. As Jihyoloves taking photos of people, including her members, she always have her camera with her. Tzuyu likes to have a relaxing bath after a long day at work so she never forget to pack bath bombs whenever the group travel overseas. While Jeongyeon explained that her must-have item is her headphones because her ears usually feel uncomfortable during flight.

For Nayeon who is a light sleeper, an eye mask is a must-have. Mina‘s pick is her tablet, which she uses to kill time watching movies. SanaChaeyoung and Dahyun, never fail to carry beauty care products, such as hand creams, hair brush and a rubber band, while Momo said she has plenty of snacks in her bag to munch on during flight.

Speaking of food, Momo also mentioned that she’s glad to finally be able to try local delicacies like chilli crab and black pepper crab. Sana added that she really likes the mantou that comes with it, and she hopes that they get to enjoy the dishes again before heading back to Korea.

Before getting back to their concert preparation, leader Jihyo recommended “What is Love?” to fans who are learning Korean. The song has simple words that are commonly used everyday.