Another month, another Blackpink Vogue cover!

The latest addition to the stable is member Lisa for Vogue Hong Kong’s July 2021 issue. This comes hot on the heels of Lisa’s cover for Vogue Japan in June, Rosé’s Vogue Australia cover debut in April, and of course, all four girls as cover stars for Vogue Korea in June.

It’s undeniable that Vogue editions worldwide can’t get enough of the girls. Last year, Jennie covered Vogue Korea in May, whilst the full group graced the cover for March; meanwhile, Lisa fronted Vogue Hong Kong’s Christmas Book issue in December 2019. That’s without specifically mentioning the many photoshoots that feature the girls, across the advertorial pages of the magazine.

This track record may be an outstanding accomplishment in itself, but it’s hardly surprising when you consider the quartet’s star power, not just limited to fashion.

Blackpink, widely considered as the current reigning K-Pop girl group globally (they’ve got the views, streams and sales to back it up), are a dream come true for advertisers. Their stellar popularity has translated into major sales boosts for almost every brand you’ve ever heard of – think Pepsi, Sprite, Shopee, Samsung, Kia, and Adidas for starters. They have an immense following – as a group and individually – on social media. It’s not hard to see why Vogue would want to tap into the incredible popularity of Blackpink.

But make no mistake – far from merely being lucrative endorsers, the Blackpink girls are legitimate fashionistas. The members have each established a unique and powerful sense of style, with a common factor of being able to pull off luxury fashion in a way that manages to look utterly ethereal while still being covetable enough to take inspiration from for daily outfits. It’s this credibility that has seen each of the members join the international fashion crowd – prior to the global lockdown, fans adored glimpsing the girls at designer shows across the world’s major fashion cities. Individual members have also been handpicked as ambassadors for the world’s top fashion, jewellery and beauty brands including Jennie for Chanel, Lisa for Bulgari and Celine, Rosé for Yves Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co., and Jisoo for Dior.

Indeed, the individual style and distinctive image of each member within the group only adds to their overall strength, while also making them the perfect picks for the fashion world. Lisa’s edgy, bold fashion looks make for arrestingly fashion-forward Vogue covers (she’s sported everything from jacket-and-pants suits for Vogue Korea in March 2020, to designer baseball caps – even paired with a frilly, pastel dress – for Vogue Japan in June). Jennie is affectionately known by Blackpink fans (‘Blinks’) as the ‘Human Chanel’ for a reason, with her preppy, chic and decidedly doll-like outfits making for many an iconic Vogue look (think tweed suits, plaid playsuits, and mini-dresses – mostly from Chanel, of course).

Meanwhile, Rosé showcases a striking duality with a style that blurs the lines between being sweetly feminine and edgily rocker-like, mirroring her equally honey-like yet grittily sturdy vocals. It’s a dream for Vogue pictorials, with Vogue Korea featuring her in a black-blazer-with-boots look and a floral, off-the-shoulder dress within the same shoot; Vogue Australia played on her style range with an all-black pants-and-belt look complete with show-stopping feathered sleeves against a bubblegum pink backdrop for her April cover.

And of course, Dior ambassador Jisoo has a classic sense of elegance to her style which has seen her in mostly delicate dresses for Vogue shots. Among her most iconic Vogue looks have been a floor-length, rainbow-coloured gown and bouffant black dress – both from Dior – for Vogue Korea’s March 2020 issue.

The model-like look and aura of the girls truly complete the captivating pieces.

As the group nears their fifth-year anniversary since debut, their trajectory dominating both K-Pop and fashion scenes globally doesn’t seem anywhere near stopping – and the same can be said for their iconic work with worldwide Vogue. It’s surely only a matter of time before we see the girls debut on other international editions of the magazine, and re-appear in the front row of designer shows across continents post-pandemic. In the meantime, there’ll undoubtedly be many a stylish look for the array of other fashion magazines out there to enjoy.

Blackpink certainly is the revolution – the fashion world agrees!