Hello Asia editor Johnny Au chats with Japanese band Frederic on the eve of their appearance at Singapore’s SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN ASIA TOUR 2017.

Hi Frederic! To my Australian audience who may not have heard of you before can you introduce yourself and your music? And how did you come up with the name Frederic?

Kenji Mihara: We make music that we hope music lovers will continue to listen to ten or even twenty years later. Be it using the unique rhythm of the Japanese language in our melodies or having a repetitive chorus, we try to come up with creative ways to make our songs memorable.

 Koji Mihara: (Regarding the band’s name) We got it from Leo Lionni’s children’s book “Frederick”. The story goes that while all the other mice were gathering food to prepare for winter, Frederick was always deep in thought and never did anything. All the other mice thought that he was lazy, but when the deep of winter came and food ran out, Frederick warmed the hearts of the other mice by telling them stories. In the same way, we hope to warm people’s hearts and spread happiness through our music, so we named ourselves Frederic.

 Kenji and Koji I believe you guys are twins. Who were your music inspirations growing up? And what about you Ryuji?

Kenji and Koji Mihara: Tama, a band that appeared on the talent programme “Miyake Yuuji no Ikasu Band Tengoku”.

Ryuji Akagashira: Teresa Teng and Miyuki Nakajima, because my mum would play their songs in the car. I was influenced a lot by popular music from the old days.

Frederic is known for your very addictive track “oddloop”. I hear its been played all over Uniqlo’s Singapore stores. What’s your thoughts about being known internationally?

Kenji Mihara: We’re extremely proud that we can communicate with people who don’t speak the same language in different countries through our music. We do hope that people will take an interest in Japanese music after listening to our songs, so we’d like to spread our music as far as possible.

 What’s your thoughts of performing at the SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN ASIA TOUR 2017 in Singapore?

Ryuji Akagashira: We do worry about whether we’ll be able to communicate with people since it’s a different country and a different language, but we’re looking forward to it more than anything else.

 What’s Frederic’s plans for 2017? Any plans for a national or international tour? When are we going to see you in Australia?

Kenji Mihara: We’ve always wanted to expand overseas and not just work within Japan, but as a first step we’re aiming to become more well-known in Japan. We would love to play in Australia as well, so please invite us over! (Laughs)

Frederic is performing at the SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN ASIA TOUR 2017 on Thursday 16th March at MILLIAN SINGAPORE. For more information see HERE.